No7 and I (by Sam)

I’m in my mid 20’s (we could argue getting into late twenties, but what’s a year or two amongst friends 😋), and I have only really discovered the joys of make up in the last few years. I skipped the whole make up phase growing up – apart from the obligitory Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse stage at about 13 haha!

I wouldn’t say I had awful skin as a teenager; I wasn’t permanently covered in spots. But when I did get them, they were quite painful, my chin being the worst offender. I’ve heard other people describe it as a strawberry field – big, red and blotchy, any blackheads looking like the little seeds you see. I couldn’t help but laugh at that because it’s just so true! That’s exactly what it looked like! And as I had no idea how to use make up, I simply didn’t bother with it. On the rare occasion I did (because of a night out, say) I would then end up breaking out.

It was only in my early twenties that I decided I wanted a change. I didn’t want a full face of make up; I wanted to keep it light and natural looking, without having to worry about the break outs (at some point you like to think you will be a proper adult with adult looking skin!).

I went to my local Boots store with the plan of camping in the aisles until I found something that ticked all the boxes, but ended up drifting to the No7 counter. And I can honestly say I have never looked back.

Now, I am a self certified No7 hoarder! Nearly every item of make up I own is No7. I am a firm believer of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” These items have worked wonders for me and I’m so glad (as is my skin!) that I took the plunge to change my routine.

My everyday routine takes no longer than 10 minutes in the morning, which is a good job too as I have the tendency to lay in bed until the very last minute!

I start with cleaning my face with Miscellar Cleansing Water applied to a cotton pad. I actually use this morning and night to get rid of any residue make up or impurities. It’s almost like a toner, but doesn’t dry my skin out as other toners have done in the past. I then apply my moisturiser to give a nice even base for my foundation to sit on.

I often sleep quite badly – I’m lucky I’m at the age where I don’t have carry on bags under my eyes (just yet 😋), but I do notice dark circles, so I use an under eye concealer to help cover them up. It’s lighter than the normal stick concealer (which feels heavy around your eyes) so I find this concealer works wonders, just giving that light and refreshed look.

I do , however, use the stick concealer on any red patches on my chin and cheeks – some days I am more “adultier” than others! I then apply a thin layer of the Beautifully Matte Foundation (I was colour matched to Cool Vanilla). I’ve only recently tried this foundation, and I’m really pleased with the coverage. I originally used the Stay Perfect foundation, but for winter this year I felt this had too much shine for what I was after. The Beautifully Matte foundation was the perfect balance for the winter months; it doesn’t sit too heavy in your pores but is definitely matte! No shine at all. I think as we get further into Spring, I will go back to the Stay Perfect though, as it gives a nice healthy glow for when the sun finally reappears!

Last but not least, I will finish with my Lovely Lashes mascara. I didn’t wear any mascara for years because when I’m tired I rub my eyes. Pandas may be my spirit animal (lazy and full of mischief!), but that doesn’t mean I want to walk around looking like one! I’ve found with other mascaras that they would flake throughout the day, which only made my eyes red and sore. Whereas I haven’t had that problem at all with this one. The formula is soft, flexible and most importantly flake free.

And that’s my lot! It feels like a weight lifted off my shoulders to admit my No7 obsession 😋 Do you have a make up obsession too? Let us know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!

Until next time,

9 thoughts on “No7 and I (by Sam)

  1. I love No7! I have the matte foundation and some others bits – I would definitely recommend the airbrush foundation and the translucent powder (it’s so soft!) 😊

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  2. I struggle with foundation so much that I’ve completely stopped wearing it. For most days that’s fine, but I do like a bit of coverage once in a while! My skin is just too dry, I think.
    What kind of skin type do you have? Would you recommend any of the No7 foundations you’ve used for dry skin?

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    1. I used to think I had very oily skin, but after speaking to the no7 rep and trying a couple of products, she suggested that it was the mixture of products I was using that were just creating grease on my skin rather than just sinking in. I do sometimes get very dry skin across my T zone, and on those days I don’t enjoy the matte as it sticks to the skin. I much preferred the Stay Perfect foundation is it was very light and breathable I found – but it does have a little bit of a shine by the end of the day. For the winter days when my skin does feel particularly dry, I use the Beautiful Skin night cream. It is really thick and creamy and feels really indulgent! I love it! It leaves my skin feeling nice and soft, but not oily the next morning 🙂 Sam x

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