Ladies Who Brunch: The Skinny Kitchen

Next up in our brunch series is the lovely Skinny Kitchen in Canterbury – this is difficult research people! We will continue to sacrifice ourselves in name of brunchable excellence! They offer a selection of everyday food with a healthy and vibrant twist. They also have restaurants in Ibiza, Bournemouth and Belfast.


We thought the decor was really cool and relaxed. Just how cool is this slogan on their wall!? It is the first thing you see as you walk in. We didn’t take any shots of the surrounding tables before we sat down to peruse the menu. When we looked up, all of the tables were full, and now we are really kicking ourselves. Oh well, it just means we will have to go back! But seriously – liberties! Don’t these people know we strive for visual perfection for the blog!


As it is a healthy restaurant, there are plenty of smoothies, juices, protein shakes, super food boosters and cocktails – personally we liked the sound of the ‘Ginga Ninja’, but Anna stuck to her guns and does what she always does, she asked “What’s the prettiest drink? Something super instagrammable!” Luckily we had a lovely young lady looking after us who was on it! We had the look that said “say no more fam.” So Sam didn’t have to hide her head in shame… completely haha


We keep seeing these healthy granola bowls all over the gram and all over the blogosphere, so we decided to order one of those just to see what it tasted like. Not bad as it turns out! Not our fist choice on the menu, but then again neither of us live down the gym either…

Some would argue (Anna) that any brunch must surely contain the staple food of avocado on toast, topped with the goodness of poached eggs, bacon or hollandaise sauce, or indeed all of the above!…Anna is pausing to wipe the dribble of her chin as we write this hahaha. Others would argue (Sam) that the avocado movement of millennials is a form of gastric torture in all it green gruesomeness; why take up valuable bacon space is all she’s saying!? Can I get a ‘Hell Yeah!’



The food was lovely and well presented, and even though it was healthy it tasted so good! The staff were happy, great and understanding, what with all our flatlaying and picture taking of our food! Sam thinks she had one warm mouthful of food before Anna was done haha.


They even agreed to have their picture taken for the blog – how cool is that?! Thanks guys!


What are your thoughts on avo and granola bowls? Please do leave us a comment, we would love to hear from you!

Until our Next Adventure,


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