The Ideal Home Show 2018 (by Sam)

Earlier in the week, Chris (the boyfriend, the BF, the ol’ chain and balls if you will) and I took a trip to the Ideal Home Show in the Olympia, London.

For a bit of context in this post, Chris and I bought our first home together last October. That’s right! These 20 something’s are actually home owners! I must admit, I am surprised that we have actually made it on the ladder. There were countless times in the lead up to mortgage appointments and house viewings that I panicked we would never be able to afford it. But here we are 😊 And I am so glad we took that next step.

For the 3 years previous, we were renting a furnished ground floor flat, and one of the things Chris and I found most frustrating about it was not being able to decorate it to our own tastes. What was the point when it wasn’t our own?

So leap forward to now, in our 2 bed terraced house, we have slowly been building up ideas through Pinterest, blogs and magazines, and day trips to Ikea on how we would like to decorate.

Cue the Ideal Home Show intro!

The Pink Room

The show is a lot like Ikea, in that it is made up of lots of different rooms that you can walk around, but different in that each room is showcasing furnishings and designs from a variety of companies.

The Pink Room (above) was created by BHS. I was really surprised as I didn’t realise they still existed! All be it only online. Pink is not a colour I would choose to paint my front room (I can hear Chris’ sigh of relief a mile away) but I loved the contrast of colours with the green chair in corner, and the subtle golds of the soft furnishings and lights.

Our kitchen is probably the room in our house that now needs the most attention (we have pottered around each room changing bits and pieces, but the kitchen has remained untouched), so I loved looking at all the different layouts and colour designs of these rooms. Our kitchen is nowhere near as big as the one above! So we would never be able to fit in an island (although one day I would love to own a house with one), but I loved the idea of the 2 tier island as it created a separate bar table and work surface.

I think grey is a bit dark for my taste when it comes to a room colour. I love the palettes that go with the light greys though, so I’m considering trying just one wall grey and keeping the rest white, so that the space still feels nice and light. I didn’t consider green as a colour to highlight the room, so I was really surprised at how much I liked the look of the room above (furnished by Tesco would you believe!)

I have been looking for some form of sideboard to fill a small space in our landing, and I’ve seen a couple of such towel racks on Pinterest that have caught my eye. I really liked the one above as the size was ideal, and I loved the white surface on top – great for some flatlays, am I right?!

Below are just a couple of furnishings that I wanted to share 😊 Mustard is definitely an in colour this year! I was saying as such to Anna only yesterday, as there were 3 people wearing the colour in a 5 metre radius! And I love it – if only I, or our house, could pull it off haha

I really enjoyed the day out, looking round all the made up rooms, and building ideas on how to decorate our house. Have you got any home projects going on at the moment? I would love to hear from you!

Until next time,

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