Coconut Lane London Goodies (by Anna)

I am, as you may know from my previous post here, quite the stationary lover. I love all things cute, pretty, pink and marble. I was very excited when I discovered Coconut Lane .

Their tag line is; ‘Get in loser, we’re going shopping’ (quote from Mean Girls)

Yep, I thought to myself, these people are my kind of people! Everything on their website is dreamy and completely my cup of tea….well, coffee really as I don’t like tea… They are completely my cup of coffee!

Freddie being nosy!

I ordered a bunch of stuff from the website; a pair of earrings, a cushion cover, a desk planner, a marble pen holder for my desk, a wall print, some greeting cards and of course a pink sparkly pen. Then I placed another order a couple of days ago for a sweatshirt with some fitting and funny writing on it.

My lovely pink sparkling pen and the truest greeting card ever!

I’m about to place yet another order hahaha You see, I bought myself a brand spanking new MacBook Pro today at the Apple Store in Bluewater. It’s gorgeous and I love it so much and I’m typing on it right now. It’s so pretty!!! Yes, I’m a geek hahahaha and proud of it! Now I can officially join the Coffee Shop Laptop Writer Club too lol.  Thing is, I didn’t get a sleeve or skin or bag or anything as I remembered seeing some awesome marble ones on the coconut lane site.

I’ve been sitting here surfing and drooling over the products…after this MacBook purchase I can’t really afford much for a little while but I gotta protect my new toy!! I just have to make the decision if I should get a sleeve or skin. Help! Help me decide please! Pretty please! Should I get this marble sleeve or this palm paradise skin? Actually, maybe this thin palm tree leaf skin?? I can’t decide.

How cute are these Unicorn earrings!

I am extremely impressed with the prices of everything on Coconut Lane, because going by the quality of everything I’ve bought so far, I’d expect it to be much more expensive.

Babe Plans!

I’m so pleased with all my purchases that I decided to join the Coconut Queen Ambassador team and have therefore got an offer code for all you wonderful readers; ANNABT20 just use this at the checkout to receive 20% off your order. How awesome is that!! I’m so happy that an actual company liked my photography skills over on my own personal insta page enough to get in touch with me about teaming up! We are so new to blogging that never in a millions years did I expect this to happen. I feel like a proper blogger with my own discount code hahahah no but on a serious note, you guys are what makes me feel like a proper blogger! Reading the comments you guys leave us is so heartwarming because you take the time out from your lives to interact with us by liking, commenting and following when you don’t have to. So it’s kinda cool that I can give back a little with the ANNABT20 thing.. my gosh that sounded so cheesy and stupid hahah I hope you get what I mean though hahahaha

Don’t forget to help me out with which sleeve or skin to get please. I honestly can’t make my mind up…

Until Next Time,



Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. If you make a purchase using my 20% off discount code ANNABT20 I will receive a small commission for referring you. This has in no way influenced or biased my opinion of the goods and or services received.

14 thoughts on “Coconut Lane London Goodies (by Anna)

    1. Thank you so much! ☺️😘 it means loads that you took the time to read and comment 👍 I’ve just had a little stalk and followed your blog which looks lovely and reads hilarious. Blogging can be quite fun can’t it xx


  1. What a good and cute post! Stationery is like one of those things i just can’t get enough of, I guess you feel the same – ha ha. Also can I just point out that Freddie is a) super cute. b) like the best name I’ve heard for a cat in a long time xxx

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