My Travels So Far: Nerja, Spain (by Sam)

So we are now in Spring – which should be lovely as nothing makes me happier than a bit of sunshine! Only that I live in the UK and it has done nothing but rain… and rain some more, every since – insert sad face here. So when I was debating over what to blog about next, I thought why not reminisce about when I actually saw the sun!

Back in January 2016, Chris and I booked our first holiday with friends of ours (another couple) through James Villas. Our friends had been to Nerja a couple of times by themselves and highly recommended it. We didn’t have another holiday booked, and hadn’t been on holiday with friends before (only family or just each other), so thought why not give it a go! It was really simple to sort out, and actually worked out really cheap! Keerching! We booked it for October that year (as the boys didn’t like the weather to be too hot – but us girls didn’t want it to be cold either), and we got a villa that could sleep 8 people, flights, and a hire car all for roughly Β£400 each.

Villa Sanchez y Rico

The villa was absolutely amazing! I’m really disappointed that I didn’t think to take any pictures of the inside while I was there! The header picture for this post was the view from the pool terrace 😍

The rooms were made up of 2 doubles and 2 rooms with 2 single beds (1 of each on the ground floor and first floor). Chris and I took the downstairs double, and our friends the double upstairs. There was also a bathroom on each floor, and a terrace from each hallway.

From here on in, I can already tell I am going to need to break this holiday down into a series, as I’ve already waffled about the villa and it was seriously action packed! There was only one day that we stayed round the pool and chilled for the whole week. So for the rest of this post I will go over our first full day in Nerja, and then over the next week or so try to figure out how many more posts I will need to cover the rest πŸ˜‹

The start of our 24 mile hike

So on our first full day in Nerja, we went on the Rio Chillar walk which is an estuary that runs through the hills of Sierras de Tejeda. During the warmer months, the river runs very shallow at its widest points which in turn makes for a beautiful walk.

Start of the walk
Crystal clear water, toe deep

As we got further into the walk, the water became about ankle deep. Our friends had pre-warned us about the need for waterproof shoes, so I had brought these walking shoes/sandals (they were heavy and made of the same thick material of usually walking shoes, but had gaps around the sides) so that I could feel the water between my toes. In hind sight this was not the best idea! Although, to be fair, we never actually planned to walk 24 miles!

We started our walk at around 11am that day, and had planned to get as far as these big waterpools just past the deepest parts of the stream. It took us a couple of hours to get there and from here, we saw most people turn around and start walking back the same way they came.

Rocky stream
Further up stream leading to the waterpools

To get to these waterpools, we had to walk through this rocky canyon…

Rock wall

Through here the water started to get much deeper, and it even picked up a bit of a current! There was someone walking their dog through here (off the lead) – one minute the dog was full steam ahead! Then a couple of minutes down the road the owner was following the dog going back the other way! We had a little chat with the owner (she spoke very good English!) and she said he always knew when the current got too fast for him and it was time to turn back.

Yes, that’s me in the back in blue!

The rock walls got so close at some points that you could spread your arms and touch both sides!

Once we got out the other side we found the waterpools. The water was amazing, it was so clear! I’m glad I wore my shorts that came above my knees as I would have had to stay in water clothing for the rest of the day otherwise!

From here we decided to carry on going forward. Our friend had a GPS tracker, so we knew the route we were taking would eventually lead us back to where we started. There may have a been a slight miscalculation as to how far that route would be though! What we thought would only take another hour or so ending up taking us until 9pm to find our way back the car!

Nerja walk

But the route took as through some idealic scenery. I checked my phone on the route and it tracked that we had climbed the equivalent of 56 floors. When we looked out over these trees, our friend tried not to look down – he called it the fanny wobbler because it was such a steep drop.

I loved this walk, and it was a great start to our holiday – but I’m not going to lie! By the end of it, I was tired and grumpy. We had walked so far and for so long, my feet were bleeding along the sides and around my toes where my shoes had rubbed. I still have the scars! But I don’t regret it, not one bit. We made some brilliant memories and got some awesome pictures!

I will definitely do another log post on this trip! Our next adventure after this was offroading in 4×4 buggies around Frigiliana which was both terrifying and exhilarating!

Let me know in the comments if you have had an action packed holiday, I’d love to hear from you!

Until next time,


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    1. Thank you so much, I definitely agree it is such a beautiful place. I wouldn’t for a moment hesitate to go back! I can’t wait to write up what we did next on this trip! We did so many amazing things, I’m itching to write it all down! Sam xx

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