How to Look Amazing For a Night Out

We have had a night out planned for a while. Not just any night out, a night ‘out out’. This means, heels and jeans with nice tops lol… not like wearing more than one top at a time…obviously. But like one each hahahah Are you even on a night out out if you’re not wearing jeans and a nice top?

As much as we love make up, we are not of the generation MUA Skillz, yep that’s with a Z. Not just skills but skillz! You know the type, young pretty girls with the skillz of an MUA of 50 years + experience. Seriously, how do these girls get so amazingly good at it? We’ve watched the youtube videos and still can’t master the cut crease or cat eye flick. Whyyyyyy????? Cos we aint got the skillz.

If you, like us, haven’t got the skillz, you go to your local MAC Cosmetics counter. Like we did yesterday.

We booked in by calling a few weeks in advance. They are usually quite busy, especially on Saturdays. You can request the artist you want or just be assigned on one the day.

We wanted quite dramatic looks, something we couldn’t do ourselves at home. What’s the point in booking in for something you can do yourself right? We both usually do quite subtle looks so this was quite the ‘Oh wow’ moment when we looked in the mirror at the finished looks.

We had different artists, Sam had Sammi who was lovely, chatty and a brilliant makeup artist who really knows her stuff! Anna had Lacey who was so bubbly, happy, outgoing and again, amazing at her trade and really knew her sh*t.

L-R: Sammi and Lacey

The service we booked in for was a party make up and you get an hour slot. You don’t pay for the service as such but you do need to spend a minimum of ยฃ40 on product in store at the time of your appointment. You can’t carry this over to another day. If you need to get some MAC makeup you might as well book in for an appointment and get a little pampering in! This is definitely not our last time having ours done thats for sure. We’ve already decided our next session will be for a natural day makeup with some light contour and a pop of highlight.

Sam’s makeup was amazing! Sam asked for Sammi to go light on the foundation but bold on the eyes. She asked for pinks and purples and a winged liner. Sammi started with some concealer, some foundation and buffed it right in. Then she moved on to the eyes. She used eyeshadows first and blended like the pro she is to a cut crease and a gorgeous winged liner. Sammi then used a technique whereby she dabbed a bit of eyelash glue on her brush then dipped it in the glitter pot before applying it to Sam’s eyelids as a finishing touch. ย This ensured that there was barely any glitter fallout on her cheeks throughout the night. Sam opted for the ultra dramatic gorgeous corner lashes which suited the cat eye look so well. This is the amazing result! It really makes Sam’s eyes pop. With her beautiful natural cat eye shape it’s just simply stunning.

Who sang ‘Purple Rain’ again?…
Did I leave the oven on ?!

As the eye makeup was so stunning she wanted it to not compete with a bold lip. She opted for a muted yet slightly glossy ombre lip. This was made up of lipliner and gloss.

Anna asked for ‘Do what you want’ look hahahah. All she requested was ‘make my eyes pop and give me cheekbones’. Actually, what she really said was – ‘please contour the sh*it out of it’. Lacey picked out some golden and brown colours. She started with the eyes. Anna has slightly hooded eyes which means when she looks straight forward you can’t see the lid. This makes it difficult at times as the coveted cat eye or winged liner must be ‘faked’. This is done by faking the eye socket essentially to a higher point above the real eye socket. She also wanted bold ‘insta brows’. The smokey eye look was finished off with full massive doll eye lashes. Lacey continued with the concealer and foundation and buffed and buffed and buffed. Anna has quite large pores (hence the oily skin) and Lacey made her look flawless and pore-less. That, our fellow readers, is skillZ with a capital Z!

Again, because the eyes were the focal point she also opted for a muted nude lip with a bit of gloss on top. The finished look, voila!

I wonder if we’re going to go eat soon…
Oh yeeaaahhh, Sam said lets eat after this. Score!

We were really happy with the results and we felt super pretty. This was such a drastic difference to Sam’s usual makeup she didn’t feel like herself when she looked in the mirror but Anna couldn’t stop saying wow over and over as she thought it suited Sam so well. Anna loved her own makeup too and felt the colours used really went well with her complexion and hair but felt maybe she wanted to have had it a little brighter. Maybe going for light pinks or light purples, not as deep as Sam’s look. Oh well, we guess this means we are just gonna have to go back again… hahahaha Have you ever heard a more feeble excuse to get pampered?

L-R: Sam and Anna

We had a brilliant night out out. Did plenty of dancing and lots of sweating as a result. We got in at 4.30 am and the makeup was still on fleek! Well and truly money well spent.

Lacey and Sammi are so talented and we can’t recommend them highly enough. We can’t wait to go back to them and see what other looks they can create on us.

Can we please stress that we have not used any filters nor tampered with the lighting in any of the pictures, what you see here is what we saw in real life. None of that face tune sh*it was used either ๐Ÿ™‚

Kisses from us to you

Until our Next Adventure,



21 thoughts on “How to Look Amazing For a Night Out

  1. Amazing, and what a wonderful experience. I too have hooded eyes.

    So glad that you could pamper yourselves, and there’s never a bad reason to do so. I’m loving Sam’s purple and Anna’s cheek bones.

    Have a fab day.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Both make up looks are incredible!! Wow โค You both looks goooorgeous. I also had my makeup done once at MAC Cosmetics for my high school graduation (like 100 years ago :p ) I am not a big hero myself when it comes do doing make up. I love how skilled the people working there are xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you my lovely! They are so talented! I jokingly said to the girls there that I could literally just be there all day long watching them create look upon look and watch as every customer leaves happy. Itโ€™s special I think, seeing peopleโ€™s self confidence bloom when they walk out their door. Anna xx


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