MAC-up Heaven

As a follow up from our post about how to look amazing for a night out , we thought we would post about the products we bought that day. We couldn’t keep these goodies to ourselves, they are just so pretty! We just had to share with you all – so be prepared for Anna to flat lay the sh*t out of it!


For Sam’s haul, she opted for the lip liner and mascara (because it was amazing!), mainly because these were products she could take away and knew how to use as part of her everyday routine. She decided not to go for something like a foundation, as that wasn’t really the focus of her look that day, and she isn’t a fan of heavy foundation on her skin. She plans to do a bit more research into MAC’s foundations before jumping in the deep end!


Although Sam loved the colours of the eyeshadows used that day as well (that purple was something else 😍), she had her bank balance to think about! It was quite a layered look of 3 or 4 colours plus the glitter. She did, however, decide to go for some eyelashes. This was the first time Sam had worn false eyelashes – I know, eye lash virgin! She decided on ones that only came across half of the eye, but she still thought they felt funny and heavy by the end of the night! Ah spiders!


Anna got the lipgloss, or lipglass as they call this particular one, that we both wore ontop of our chosen lipstick and lipliner. They only had one left in stock! Anna is no lash virgin so opted for the full lash effect. Actually, Lacey had first picked out some full ones that Anna said ‘erm…. can we go even bigger and even fuller?’ Her thought was go big or go home! She could see them out of the corner of her eye for the first few hours or so and kept swatting flies away only to realise they were the lashes…. Doh!


She also got the mineralize skin finish which was used as a really popping highlight. Anna did not think about her bank balance… Eating is overrated and so she got quite a few bits she shouldn’t have… but it was all so pretttttyyyyyy hahahahhh. Anna has quite long but not very full lashes naturally and they tend to touch her brow bone when she has her eyes wide open (annoying hooded lids!) and asked if there was a mascara that wouldn’t transfer. Lacey recommended one so of course Anna bought that one too.


We both got the MAC makeup remover wipes which smell gorgeous!! It got the makeup off easily at the end of the night and left our skin feeling quite fresh and very clean. Something we were both worried about, Sam in particular as the glitter she wore on her eyelids was literally glued on, with some DUO eyelash glue.

All in all, we were super happy with our haul. Sam was more sensible with her purchases whilst Anna went a bit mad and is currently slightly hungry…. lol

You ‘only’ have to spend Β£40 on products when you have a makeup application done for an event or night out. Which is pretty easy actually as MAC isn’t cheap. But it’s all so pretty so it’s also easy because you end up wanting everything.

If you fancy trying any of these, here are the names of the colours and products we bought (zoom, zoom, zoom!)

Until our Next adventure,


6 thoughts on “MAC-up Heaven

  1. This haul is a life goal! I love MAC and it looks like you got some fab products. I just want to go on a huge shopping spree now!

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