Currently Watching on Netflix (by Sam): The Crime Special

Welcome to the next post in our watch-list on Netflix series! Like my last post in this series (click here to catch up if you need to), I have picked a theme/genre and focused the shows I have been watching recently around it. This is probably one of the easiest posts to do any research for as this one is based on my all time favourite genre: crime.

So without much further ado, let’s get stuck into my recent watch-list!

Money Heist IMDb rating 8.7, My rating 9/10

So first up is a Spanish crime drama (its original name is La Casa De Papel); this is dubbed with English rather than using subtitles. If I’m completely honest, I didn’t realise it was dubbed until I got about 5 minutes into the first episode. I really liked the look of the advert for this show (the one that comes up on the homepage), it just so happens that it showcased the first minute or so of the show itself which has a voice over of the main character’s internal monologue rather than dialogue. I thought the dubbing would put me off, but I got used to it quite quickly.

So without trying to give away spoilers, because I hope you give this show a try!, the show is about a group of people who are recruited to heist the Mint of Spain (this is where they print money for the whole of Spain). Each person is recruited for a specific role they could play to help the heist succeed. One is a master counterfeiter, another is an old miner who can find his way out of tricky situations. Each heist member doesn’t give out their real name so they can not be implicated in the heist if another member happens to get caught or found out, so they are each named after famous cities (Tokyo, Nairobi, Berlin, etc.).

Obviously things do not go according to plan, otherwise it would be a short lived show! There are 2 seasons in total – they finished it there, so 2 seasons are your lot. What I loved most about it were the complex relationships that built up inside and outside the heist! You know quite early on how their plan is supposed to go, so as the show develops you can see how different characters, and their flaws, contribute to the plan falling apart!

Overall I would definitely recommend this show! It’s not your typical who done it, as you know from the start who is to “blame”, and although it belongs to the crime genre, it isn’t a murder mystery. I think it is a fun switch up of this genre to actually be in the know (to a certain extent) as a viewer. I would be intrigued to hear from you as to who you end up sympathizing with by the end! My heart definitely goes out to The Professor!

The Alienist IMDb rating 7.8, My rating 6/10

This is one of my most recent watches; I managed to watch it all the way through (there is only one season so far), but even as I am typing this I am struggling to remember many memorable moments within the show that made me think, “yes, I really like this show!”

The show is based in 19th Century New York; the music and style reminded me a lot of Guy Richie’s version of Sherlock Holmes, but this show’s themes were much, much darker, as it looks into child exploitation and prostitution, corruption within the police, sexism, racism, and classism. It also looks into the fear and distrust of the scientific discoveries of the time in place of religion.

If you are at all squeamish this may not be the show for you, as it is extremely graphic and gory in places. However, if you are a big fan of criminal psychology then this may be the show for you after all! At the start of every episode, it stated the below:

‘In the 19th century, persons suffering from mental illness were thought to be alienated from their own true natures. Experts who studied them were therefore known as alienists’

So in essence, the ‘Alienist’ within this show is one of the first criminal psychologists who tries to use new psychology techniques to understand this terrifyingly gruesome killer in an attempt to stop him. The Alienist and his illustrator companion are called upon by the City’s new Police Commissioner to conduct a secret investigation into this serial killer (although they don’t use that term within the show, probably because the term didn’t exist back then) who hunts and murders boy prostitutes.

There is one part in particular within the show that I remember to be a bit heart wrenching and tear jerking – I don’t want to ruin it for anyone, so I won’t say what it is for now, but I would be interested to hear from anyone as to whether there was anything from this show that stood out to you?

I would say that it was in places a bit scary (there was one scene in the boys bath that had me feeling on edge and scared), but personally, I found it in general hard to follow. Overall, I found the ending unsatisfying for a show that, at its core, is a who done it storyline.

How to Get Away with Murder IMDb rating 8.2, My Rating 8/10

Now this show was right up my street! I’ve only got as far as the end of the first season, but I know I am hooked and will definitely carry on watching!

The premise of this show is based on a group of 5 overly ambitious law students who, at the top of their class, get to work with their professor/high profile lawyer in a large array of cases. The show is broken up into 2 different time lines that overlap more and more the closer you get to viewing the actual murder. The first time line is where you see 4 of them with a body that they are trying to dispose of/hide – to start with you do not know who has been murdered, or how they died. Who murdered them? Was it all of them? Was it none of them?! Why did they do it? Why would they try to hide the body if they weren’t directly involved? So many questions! The second time line is where they are learning and practicing law; they are literally taking a class on How to Get Away with Murder! As you start to delve deeper into the season you start to realise that the cases they are working on will eventually help form their decisions on how to deal with the unknown body.

There are a few twists and turns in this show, which I loved and admit that I didn’t see coming! To me, that’s the best sign of a great murder mystery show – when it leaves you guessing right to the very end! I’m looking forward to seeing where this show will go in the next season!

Safe IMDb rating 7.6, My Rating 8.5/10

And last but not least! This is the very last show I have watched – and I couldn’t stop watching it. So much so, that I watched the whole series in one day. It was really really good!

So in a nut shell, this show is about a teenage daughter that goes missing, and how the widowed father goes to any length to find her. For a bit more context, the show is called ‘Safe’ because it is based around a neighbourhood housed within a gated community, meaning no average Joe could just walk in off of the street and kidnap her. The gates are locked and there is constant security on the gates.

So what are the options:

  • She left of her own accord
  • She was coaxed into leaving by one of her friends
  • She was taken by someone that lived within the gated community
  • She was taken by a friend of someone within the gated community who was invited in

This show was great at casting suspicion on absolutely everyone – even the victim! It keeps you guessing right up to the very last episode as to who done it. The widowed father is played by Michael C. Hall (well known for his role in Dexter). I couldn’t un-see him as Dexter, if that makes any sense at all! Some of his murderous stares were chilling! But I wonder if that was not a clever red herring by the casting directors, designed to cast more suspicion on the main characters!

Out of all of the shows I have written about in this post, ‘Safe’ and ‘Money Heist’ were definitely my favourites and my recommendations to Netflix and Sherlock the sh*t out of! If you like a good mystery, ‘Safe’ will definitely get the old cogs moving as you try to concentrate on every character. Whereas if you after something slightly different to the norm, ‘Money Heist’ is made up of some really interesting characters, all with their own agendas and motivations.

I hope give some of these shows a try for yourself! Are there any that I have mentioned that you have seen already? What did you think? Are there any other crime shows that you are watching at the moment that you think deserve a shout out? Comment below, I would love to hear from you!

Until next time,


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