Road Trip: Southend-on-Sea, Essex

How do you celebrate a friend who has just moved in to their new home? Well you visit with a potted plant in hand and offer to drink all their alcohol and eat their food of course!

We all live in Kent so it wasn’t too far for us both (well, us three actually as Anna’s hubby drove) to travel up to Essex to visit said friend. Road Trip Time!! When we arrived we were greeted by a big smile (and lots of laughter partly due to ‘our’ inability to park properly hahahah) and to this lovely heartwarming sign she’d made for us. So cute and thoughtful!


We were absolutely blown away by her beautiful house. She’s ordered some furniture that she’s waiting to take delivery of so there was plenty of open space to admire. She will make the house a home over the coming months and we can’t wait to see it finished.


Anna was so wowed by the kitchen and so has offered to cook a lovely meal on her next visit.


The most gorgeous part of the whole house was this bath in the master bedroom. Some serious interior design goals right here! The angles of the ceiling and the shadows it casts were just dreamy.


We’ve never been to the Southend sea front before and so after some snooping around and lots of oooooing and aaaaaing around the house we took the train on a little mini road trip within the big road trip…can we still call it a road trip when it’s on rails…lets say it’s a Rail Trip!


We lucked out with the weather! It was a gorgeous sunny day and it almost gave the feel that we were on holiday somewhere exotic hahahah well….. there are lots of palm-trees about in Southend to be fair, so if you visit you’ll understand hahaha


Essex was out in force on the beach that day. They must have been getting ready for their Love Island auditions hahahahha (on a slightly embarrassing side note, Anna had never watched the show before but decided to watch the new series when it started 2 days ago…she is now hooked!)


Living in Kent we have quite a few different seafronts on our doorstep. Margate, Herne Bay, Broadstairs, Whistable to name a few. Living so nearby these we hadn’t really thought much about what Southend had to offer, so we were quite surprised to learn they had many arcades running down the strip! Our local seafronts haven’t got this large amount.


They also had an adventure park with lots of rides! Well, lots is a strong word….some rides. It didn’t look very big but the rides we saw looked quite scary (Anna’s words) and fun (Sam’s words)


Until Our Next Adventure,


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