What’s in my Bag? no.3 (by Anna)

This must be one of my most favourite bags. Probably because it is my very first Marc Jacobs. I feel everyone has a Michael Kors nowadays. Don’t get me wrong, I have a few of those too and love them but sometimes you don’t want to blend in, you want to stand out. Well, standing out may be a bit of an exaggeration. What I mean is, sometimes you want to be different. Different is good, if you are different you should rock it the best you can.

As much as we are sheep we also want to be individual and different to everyone else. I think that is what makes us beautiful, inside and out. Be unique, just like everyone else hahaahahaha

I love my purple glass Ray Bans! They were a purchase I hadn’t planned on. I was walking past the Sunglass Hut in Ashford’s McArthur Glen Outlet and they were in the window on display. It was one of those when I walked past, glanced, walked on…Thought to myself, hang on…then took a few steps backwards and saw them. Like properly saw them. It was love at first…well…second sight! And they were ‘cheap’ too! ‘Just’ £98 or maybe a little less. The best part? They are foldable wayfairers, the best kind for small bags!


I’m recently a Jo Malone convert. It has become my new obsession. I just love it so much; the perfumes, the body scrub shower gels, the body lotions (not the candles so much if I’m being frank. A post on that to come later, look out for that!). I must smell like a dream! I mean I think I do, it probably hurts other peoples noses hahahhahahahha Whenever I am at the airport I always pick up a little 30ml perfume as they are perfect for small bags!

When I bought my bag I also bought a small purse, also Marc Jacobs.  Mainly because of the colour, I couldn’t resist the pretty pink!! Flatlay heaven much hahahah It’s actually meant to be a key purse holder thingy majigy but I use it as a coin purse and card holder. So cute I think.

I don’t really use phone covers much anymore. I prefer to use my phone naked…The Phone! not me hahahaha the feel of an iPhone is just so tactile when there is no case on it. The one pictured is by Ideal of Sweden. It has a magnetic back to it and I have a magnetic phone holder in my car so they are a match made in heaven.

As I’ve mention in my previous post in this series here and here, I usually carry with me a little make up. Just in case my face needs a touch up. Pictured is one of my blushers, by NARS and a really pretty sheer lightweight lipgloss from Marc Jacobs. No, this post is not sponsored by the brand hahhahahah

What are the things you always carry with you in your handbags? Do leave a comment as I’d love to hear from you as always. Also, on a random note – thank you to everyone who hits that follow button and to those who don’t but still stop by regulary on our blog. It means the absolute world to us that you guys read our posts and take the time to comment. It gives us the good feels/vibes/smiles and we really do appreciate it all, so a BIG thank you. Right, waffle over hahahah

Until Next Time,



14 thoughts on “What’s in my Bag? no.3 (by Anna)

  1. Fabulous! ❤️ I always keep a nude lipstick in my bag because it’s simple and classic for any occasion as well as a perfume atomizer. It’s an easy way to pack your favorite perfume in a small bottle to take anywhere. xx 💋

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  2. I love the bag but do understand what you’re saying about not standing out and thats probably the reason why i walk past the shop and never go in. The other reason of course is because they are expensive lol
    Ihave two blushers by NARS and they are Sin and Blissful. I love both.

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