My Travels So Far: Nerja, Spain Part 2 (By Sam)

Finally – as promised! The second part to my post about my trip to Nerja in Spain. To catch up, check out this link to Part 1 where we looked at our ‘Rio Chillar’ walk, which ended up in a mammoth hike on our first day! Sore feet galore haha the pharmacies in Nerja did well from us for plasters that week!

So to pick up where we left off and jump straight into this post! It was the second full day of our holiday, and our friend Matt had pre-booked for us to go on a Buggy Tour through the surrounding town of Frigiliana. Matt and Gina had already done this Buggy tour on their previous visits to the area, so they knew what to expect, and trust me it came highly recommended by the pair! I, on the other hand, hadn’t done anything like this before in my life! I was so nervous! I remember Chris asking me if I was ok every other minute because he could tell how scared I was. I hadn’t tried driving around Spain at this point (we had a hire car to get around, but Matt had done all the driving up to this point).

So the buggies themselves were all 500 cc 2 seaters. I was driver to me and Chris (as Chris doesn’t have a license), Matt driving for himself and Gina, and there was another couple that we didn’t know that had also booked for that day. Each buggy then follows the other in a little convoy behind our tour guide and buggy owner, Roland. Roland is an expat from Belgium who lives in hillsides of Frigiliana. This guy knows his stuff! About the buggies and the surrounding area, so he made for an awesome guide.

The lanes near his villa lead into a National Park in the surrounding hillside (the backdrop in the picture above). I can not go on enough about the views in this part of Spain. Once I got over my nerves during the drive, I was able to appreciate the views around, and the excitement of where we were and what we were doing! Roland lead us down to a river bed, laden with walls of thick reeds either side of you, and in the cooler months of the season you should get a splash as you drive through! Unlucky, or lucky (whichever way you are inclined to think) for us, it had been quite hot that year, so the riverbed was completely dry and just full of dust as we drove though.

The Bandana Bandits

Matt and Gina had warned us about the dust before we got there that day, so we planned ahead and bought some bandanas in town the night before. I loved my flowery bandana! Although I don’t think it did much for the bandit look we had going for hahaha! The googles were also for the dust, and were handed out at Roland’s before we left.

Half way through the tour (which lasted about 3 hours or so), we stopped off at a cafe in the hills of Frigiliana. Here we took our first dirty selfie – no it’s not what you think! Just look at the dirt around our hair line! I know we had been warned about how dusty it was going to be, and I don’t know why but I just didn’t expect it to get everywhere!

The dirty selfie

If ever you get a chance to visit Nerja, and I hope you do as it is such a beautiful place, I would definitely recommend this buggy tour. Don’t get me wrong, it is unbelievably scary to start with, but so worth it for the views and the feeling of accomplishment when you realise you actually did it! Fear is a good thing though, as these drives can be dangerous if you drive like an idiot. The roads can be very narrow along the hillside, and there are no safety nets or do overs. You are in charge of the buggy, and therefore responsible for yourself and your passenger.

I had the issue that I couldn’t judge how wide the buggy was, especially as the wheels were wider than the body of the buggy. I couldn’t see where the wheel was on the opposite side (these were left hand drive, obviously as we were driving in Spain), and the cliff edge was on the right, where the wheel arch of the buggy blocked my view of the wheel. Before we picked up any real speed, I managed to ask Chris (over the noise of the engine right behind us) to signal to me with his hand whenever he thought I was getting too close to the cliff edge. This helped put me at ease, as he was able to warn me before we got into any trouble. Once we had been driving for about half an hour, I was starting to get a feel for the buggy, and Chris was having to signal to me less and less, until eventually he didn’t have to signal at all!

Obviously I didn’t get chance to take any pictures as I was driving, so I will end on a beautiful picture of my dirt tan for you guys! hahaha! Check out those plaster covered toes!

Dirt tan

Buuuut, all is not lost, as Matt hooked our buggies up with numerous Go Pro’s before we set off! Check out his short video here! Have a look at his YouTube channel while you are there, as there are a few more from this holiday, and from his other adventures!

If this post has peeked your interest at all, and you would like to try this buggy tour yourself, here is the link to Roland’s website where you can book ahead or ask him some questions. And if you don’t take my word for it, here are some more reviews on TripAdvisor!

Oh, and one bit of advise – don’t wear a white t-shirt! I mean, what idiot wears a white t-shirt to a dirt track *whistles and looks at the ceiling*

Let me know in the comments if you have had a action packed holiday as well! I’m always looking for new ideas as what to try next!

This series will return for Part 3, where I will share our trip to Nerja caves! These caves were made up of caverns stretching almost 5km, and is home to the world’s largest stalagmite. Shadows + caves = awesome pictures!

Until next time,


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