Ladies who Brunch: Bubblewrap London

We recently went to London and had such a great day out! We did lots of pretty door and colourful house spotting. London is such a great place and we always discover something new on each trip!

One of Anna’s many skills is to find new places for us to eat at on our days out. ย She had seen this particular yummy gem on instagram. The queues in some pictures went down the street! If that isn’t a sign of a good eatery then we don’t know what is.

Bubblewrap London – Finally almost our turn to order

We were actually heading to Soho and whilst walking through China Town we saw Bubblewrap London was right there! We did mean to visit but didn’t quite know where it was. This was obviously fate! Be rude to not go in NOW wouldn’t it hahahahah Can’t mess with fate can you!

Good to see the staff happy! Look at those gorgeous fresh strawberries

Their menu is quite extensive and it was hard to pick because it all sounded so delicious. You basically get to pick your base, Sam had the raisin base and the ‘Oreo Up’ which is filled with Vanilla Gelato, Oreo pieces and Nutella sauce. Anna picked the original base and ‘Deluxe Lover’ which is filled with Vanilla Gelato, Strawberry slices and, of course, more Nutella sauce! Both just ยฃ6.99 each!

This is the waffle iron they use, they pour the batter in then twist and turn it over and over to create these yummy Bubble Waffles

If you want you could create your own as they have so many different fillings and toppings to choose from. Some of the toppings are Elderflowers, Rose Petals, After Eight Chocolates, Fudge and Raspberries to name but a few.

Sam’s Oreo Bubblewrap being filled

They also have one savoury item on the menu; ‘Avocado Egg’ which is filled with salt & pepper Egg and avocado.

On the wall they have this little Do’s and Don’ts when eating a Bubblewrap, such a funny touch we thought!

Zoom in. to read, it’s so funny!

We were super pleased with our choices of Bubblewrap and couldn’t wait to dig in! They do have spoons available so you can dig in without getting in a mess. Can’t wait to return and try some of their other flavours out. Maybe the ‘Banana Combo’ or ‘Vanilla Crunch’ or ‘Peanut Butter’……Mmmmmmmmm


Have you ever been here? If not, you should so visit! Their Instagram can be found by clicking hereย and to top off our visit, they even used Anna’s photo on their instagram feed that Sam posted on her personal insta! Happy faces and tummies all round we’d say.

If you haven’t visited London China Town you absolutely should. It is a cool place and it feels like you really have been transported abroad! Well worth a visit we think.

Please do leave us a comment as always, we would love to hear from you!

Until Our Next adventure,


22 thoughts on “Ladies who Brunch: Bubblewrap London

  1. You guys visit the most interesting places! I wish I could jump in the photos to escape! The food looks amazing!!๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’•

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