London’s Hidden Gems – Trevor Square, Knightsbridge

We went to London for a day of cute door and house hunting. Sam mentioned a few things she’s not done or seen before. So we decided to cram those bits it too. One of those was riding a black cab in London and the other was visiting Harrods. We hailed a black cab just outside the Maddox Gallery by Oxford Street and asked the cabbie to take us to Harrods!

One of our pink door destinations lies right behind Harrods. The super cute Trevor Square. In particular, number 14 Trevor Square. It’s tucked away among the hustle and bustle around Harrods, this truly is a Hidden Gem of London. Seriously, how cute is this house!?!? We loved the details around that made this place really pop! The window shutters, the flowers in the flowerbed, the door knocker details and the pretty writing on the house to tell us the address.

Sam felt it was easy to get lost in Harrods as it was so large but loved how there was a little bit of everything in there to buy. From clothes, perfumes and makeup to meat, tea and cheeses.

You should have seen her little face light up when we walked in to the chocolate room! Yes, you read that right, a whole room just for chocolate!! We didn’t feel comfortable enough to go crazy with our camera in there….or on the cab ride to be fair so unfortunately no pics of those activities.

We both found it a bit odd how the sales assistants eyes are on you the entire time. As if they were sizing you up to see if you really could afford to be in there. Not a single one of them approached us asking us if we needed help with anything either. We must not have looked rich enough hahahahah

We’ve seen many pictures on instagram taken here at this property and we wonder if the house owners ever get sick and tired of us all hanging about outside taking pictures? We have decided you can’t have a lovely looking house like this and not want people taking pictures all the time! At least that’s what we told ourselves to feel a bit better about having this mini photoshoot hahahhah

Selfie at Trevor Square

Well there you have it folks, a rather busy morning; Black Cab ride, Harrods and Trevor Square! If you are in the neighbourhood, make sure to add this Hidden Gem to your list as it’s gorgeous in real life!

Please do leave us a comment, as usual we’d love to hear from you all!

Until Our Next Adventure,

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23 thoughts on “London’s Hidden Gems – Trevor Square, Knightsbridge

  1. Awesome pics! You two are lovely! I was in Harrod’s once, don’t remember if anyone tried to help me or not! It was just a bit before Christmas though, so it was already crazy. That house is just adorable! I guess if the owners don’t want people taking pics all the time, they need to ugly it up! haha .

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      1. Thanks you two!! I did the same thing recently in NYC in front of “Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment from Sex and the City” though they have the steps chained so you can’t go up to the front door to pretend you’re just leaving the building like Carrie. oh well

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That sounds awesome! I can’t believe they chain it up though – what a waste! I love all of the outfits Carrie wears, imagine being able to wear something from that show and getting a picture coming down the stairs 😍 that would be amazing!

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