Road Trip: Herne Bay, Kent

We are quite lucky to live in the South East of England in Kent. We have so many wonderful areas to visit on a hot summers day and we are very close to London. We didn’t have any plans today, so decided to go to the seaside. Anna and her husband picked Sam up and off we went on our little mini road trip to Herne Bay.

Herne Bay Pier view

They have a pier with some fun activities for the kids and a few places to eat and drink too. Unfortunately like most beaches around here it’s pebbled. Lovely to look at but a pain to walk on, quite literally. There are some sandy parts but they are small and usually taken hahahah


We walked along the pier and saw some ‘stick-your-head-through-the-hole’ thingies and of course took a photo. There were quite a few artists painting them as we watched. Is it even the British sea side if there aren’t a few Punch and Judy bits and bobs around?

Anna and Sam punch and judy

They had a lovely old carousel, a helter skelter and a water dogems/bumper cars…or boats really lol. Sam was super jealous of these as she doesn’t remember having any bumper boats growing up! These looked like so much fun for the kids though.

There is plenty of fun for the adults too! A Champagne and Oyster bar and a shooting gallery. Maybe do the shooting part before the champagne hahahah

We decided to walk back to the strip and get an ice-cream after spending some time out on the pier.


Anna sam and Paul
Anna’s husband cracking us up! giving us his creepy face in the background hahahah

We took a walk down the strip and went in to some of the arcades and had a little look. Lots of families playing games; penny machines and driving games and lots more!


Lots of people were enjoying the sunshine today as the temperature was a bit cooler than what it has been here recently. Today it was about 26 degrees Celsius (about 78 degrees Fahrenheit) A lot cooler than the mid 30s C (mid 90s F) we’ve been having. We live in homes with NO AIR-CON so anything around 30 degrees is just too hot.

They even have mini golf here so if you’re looking for something to do with the kids this summer (that’s not too far from London) then head to Herne Bay! Whitstable is ‘next door’ and you could easily do both in a day.


Or just head here for a day of sun sea sand pebbles and ice cream! But remember to be safe in the sun people! Sam wrote a great post on sun safety, read it here.


Until our Next Adventure,

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 18.45.09

14 thoughts on “Road Trip: Herne Bay, Kent

  1. I love the beaches at Joss Bay between Margate and Broadstairs and Dumpton Park. Palm Bay and Kingsgate are lovely too and all of those are sandy!
    I can even recommend ice cream and fish and chip stops too! Lol

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