London’s Hidden Gems – Oakley Street, Chelsea

By now you must know we are suckers for a pretty door and a lovely mews. Read our previous posts on Bywater Street here and Trevor Square here. London is full of these if only you look hard enough. Going on a cute London door hunt can be quite a fun inexpensive day out, but challenging if you don’t have the addresses and only photos to go by.

This gorgeous LOVE Door in Chelsea is so cute don’t you think? We met a friend of the neighbour door to this one who was out walking her cute little dog and not a huff or a puff about our photo taking at this spot. To be fair, the locals in this area must be so used to people coming here to take photos.

Sam Oakley Street

October is unfortunately just round the corner, however you simply must visit Oakley Street at Halloween! They do the prettiest spooky decorations at this address at Halloween. You simply mustn’t miss an insta opportunity here at Valentines Day either.

Anna Oakley Street

We’ve got many more places we want to visit in London for our ‘London’s Hidden Gem’s’ series. It feels like the summer is nearly over, it isn’t of course but that’s what it feels like. It’s only middle of August for goodness sake. Although having said that we can’t wait for all the Christmas decorations to go up around London and its department stores and make these places look wonderfully homely and inviting of an early evening. It’s such a magical time isn’t it. Mulled wine anyone? lol the photo ops will be plenty!

Anna and Sam Oakley Street

In the mean time we will enjoy the last of the summer as we’ve got quite a few outings coming up in the next few weeks that we are already planning blog posts about.

As much as we both love summer, Anna will be loving the Autumn. She feels it’s that time of year when it’s still warm and mild but cool enough to wear a funky jacket with your outfit or a nice comfy fashionable jumper. Less of the sweaty and uncomfortable, more of the cool and fashionable hahahahah

Whereas Sam is the complete opposite! How are we even friends?!  Sam is sure she is cold blooded, so absolutely loves the hot weather – “too hot” is not in her vocabulary. As much as she likes the colours of Autumn, she will miss the long evenings of the summer months.

Until our Next Adventure,

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 18.45.09

12 thoughts on “London’s Hidden Gems – Oakley Street, Chelsea

  1. The door is so pretty – perfect for Valentine’s Day as you said! How do you find all these pretty places?! I am with Anna in terms of the weather, I love it when it is sunny but cool enough to be able to operate. xx

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