Ladies who Brunch: Fabrique London

Anna often gets homesick and what better way to bring a bit of Sweden into her life than by popping to London and its many Swedish places to eat. A little while back we went to Fabrique in Fitzrovia and had a proper Swedish Fika. Sam visited Stockholm with Anna back in June and you can read our first instalment about that here so we know a good Fika place when we see it hahahahah

Is there anything nicer than a good pastry and a coffee?

Fabrique is a Swedish chain of bakeries and coffee shops. In fact, there are 4 in London. Fitzrovia (which is the one we went to) Shoreditch (which was their first in London), Covent Garden and Notting Hill.


According to their website, and we quote;

Fabrique is a stone oven bakery from Stockholm, Sweden. What we do is simple, but far from common. We use fresh natural ingredients and traditional methods to make artisanal sourdough bread.

We bake it in a stone oven for the taste. And, because we bake by hand and take our time to get the best results, our bread is as healthy as it is delicious.

As you see from the pictures they do far more than just sour dough bread. They have wonderfully perfect Cinnamon Buns, Cardamom Buns and Swedish coffee. It’s a little slice of home Anna said but here in London. Right down to the staff who were Swedish too on the day we visited.


Since 2008 Fabrique has 11 bakeries in Stockholm and now 4 in London. You really ought to visit and give the cinnamon bun a taste because this is how it should taste! Bring a good book or your laptop and keep them buns coming we say! You can order them online too for in store pickup.

Cute but simple, proper Scandi minimalist style at its best

We actually did a little mini photoshoot here as we wanted to make a new blog header which represent this blog and us a little bit better. What do you think of it? Hope you like it!


Vanilla Buns, Cardamom Buns and Cinnamon Buns

We got to Fabrique quite late in the afternoon as we had some other little mini adventures earlier in the day and it was super nice to just sit down and rest our feet, have a good natter about our day whilst munching on some cinnamon and cardamom buns. Having a Fika basically.


Before we left we were nice enough to buy some extra buns for our other halves as we couldn’t go home empty handed. Aren’t we just the nicest!? We thought so anyway hahahahah

What’s your favourite way to just unwind after a long fun day? As usual, we would love to hear from you so please do leave us a comment.

Until Our Next Adventure,

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 18.45.09




29 thoughts on “Ladies who Brunch: Fabrique London

  1. ♥️ you girls really know how to enjoy life. I appreciate being in a similar space like a bakery with a warm cup of tea, or coffee blogging away. The smells in bakery’s give us a sense of familiarity and calmness. XX 💋

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