Oh, Hey Brad

Our Very First Clickbait! suckers hahahaha On a serious note, we did sort of kind of meet Brad Pitt. And we think possibly Tom Cruise…. can’t be sure, could have been a life sized Ken Doll…. it was hard to tell hahahah

We took a day off work and had ourselves a little mini adventure in London. No! we didn’t cut work (how dare you even think that thought!? lol), we legit took the day off, approved by the boss lady and everything.


We went to London to join a queue apparently! 40 minutes we were waiting! And we had pre-booked so we just assumed we didn’t need to queue….erm yeah, no….This picture doesn’t even do it justice; the queue goes even further up round the corner and then into the building itself. For Sam, this was no problem being the quintessential English lass that she is! (we were born to queue! and then complain about it lol). For Anna, the wait was unbearable! These scandi peeps are all about punctuality.

For those of you who don’t know London very well, and can’t tell from this picture where we ended up, we decided we were in dire need of a bloody good laugh and giggles! So Madame Tussauds had the pleasure of our hard earned monies! Only half though, as we took advantage of the Train 2for1 offer as we went to London by high speed train. That’s how friggin awesome we are!

Are you ready for the most picture heavy and giggle inducing post we have ever (not) written? ‘You’re welcome!’ – totally an Awkward reference (show on MTV which you need to google)

Sam and Shrek
In the morning, I’m making Wafffflleeeessssss!
Anna and Kendall
Anna and Kendall
Dame Helen Mirren
Not sure if this was a wax work or just Dame Helen acting skills/Mime skills On POINT!
Sam and Tom
Check out his horse.. I mean Beard!
Anna and tom
Erm no! don’t think so, I’m with Brad!
Anna Sam Tom C
Guess who this is meant to be! no no, Guess!!!!
Anna and Bruce
Yippie-Ki-yay Mother Trucker!
Sam and Daniel Craig
Shaken and Stirred!
Anna and Brad
Angelina/Jennifer/Gwyneth who?
Sam and the Royals
I’ll forgive you for the non invite to the wedding
Kim K
Time to take a Selfie!
Anna and Steve
Sure Steve, I’ll help you direct the next one!
Sam and Russell
Anna and E.T.
I can’t remember how to ride a bike!!
Sam and Tom H
Kiss me quick whilst no one’s looking!!
Anna and Wolverine
Are you my Dad?
Sam and One Direction
โœŒ๏ธย standard Louis!
Sam and Stormtrooper
These aren’t the “droids” you’re looking for
Anna and Han
Ssshhh dude, Photo op! we’ll talk Millennium Falcon business later
Sam and Chewbacka
Sam and Thor
I’m only doing this so your brother will like me…. (scroll up! lol)

If you made it this far; Congratulations! You’ve just won our admiration. We hope you had a little giggle reading….well looking at this post. Please do let us know in the comments which wax work you thought was the best and which was the worst. As usual, we’d love to hear from you!

Until Our Next Adventure,

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 18.45.09




17 thoughts on “Oh, Hey Brad

    1. That queue was insane! Some of the wax works were absolutely awful but many were amazing! Too many to feature in a post – we super recommend going to one as it really is a fun day out. Yeah Meghan and Harry were pretty great! Xxx


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