London Brunch Fest

Last month we went to the London Brunch Fest. This was the first time this event had been arranged and hopefully it has done well enough to hold them annually.

Lets avo cuddle

Anna and her husband are with the 3 Mobile Network and their rewards app WANTU is where Anna’s husband first spotted there was an upcoming London Brunch Fest. We bought 4 tickets to the Saturday at a discounted 30% off price through them as we decided to bring our partners with us. It worked out to be £22.54 per ticket. We went for the VIB ticket – Very Important Bruncher. This meant we would be able to stay the full day and get a yellow tote with some freebies in it and a free Bloody Mary drink on arrival. The standard ticket would have gotten you entry to either the morning or afternoon and a plain tote bag with no freebies in it

Anna is a brunch person, you all know this by now. She loves an avocado and poached egg with bacon on the side. The prettier the better right! And copious amounts of coffee to go along with it. Sam, on the other hand, is a hopeless/awful millennial who can’t stand avocado! But when it comes to the bacon and egg bit …. *insert Homer Simpson drooling montage here*

Gentlemen baristas

We were expecting quite a lot from this London Brunch Fest but we were a little disappointed if we are honest. we know we know, this is the first ever one and we can’t expect it to be perfect right away. This is why Anna left constructive criticism on the feedback form after the event. We certainly hope they return next year!

It was held at the old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane. The venue was huge, too big we thought. There were several rooms you could walk through but not enough cooked meal stands to fill them. There was a DJ in one of them and the music was good but it was so loud you could barely hold a conversation which was a shame.

Mail Hall

The main large room you walked in to was full of healthy food stands, vegan food stands and unhealthy yummy foods and a bunch of stands that we thought hadn’t really got anything to do with brunching at all. We expected this event to have little mini copies of each of the restaurants and cafés taking part. Nope. This is why we were disappointed.

There was plenty of seating around which was good. There was also some panel talks in the main hall which we didn’t hang around to listen too but a lot of other people did. Time for a photo montage guys! Enjoy!


All in all there were a few stands that were pretty good but as a whole experience we were disappointed. We love this kind of thing usually. Maybe next years event (if there is one) will be better and yes, we would go again but not as VIB because the freebies in the bag (for which our tickets were more expensive) were not worth that extra.


We felt having a Map of the venue and the stalls/stands would have been a good idea and made it easier to navigate and also to pick what you wanted to eat and drink. But like we said, despite being disappointed we would go back again next year and we think they would have taken on board all the feedback and make it even better next time. Why else ask for feedback?

Did you attend the London Brunch Fest this year? What did you think? Please do leave us a comment because as usual, we would love to hear from you.

Until our Next Adventure,

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 18.45.09

10 thoughts on “London Brunch Fest

  1. Ohh it looks like such a fun event & the food (especially Naked Dough) is making me drooool. I’m sorry it was a bit disappointing & you weren’t that happy about the freebies. It was nice of Anna to leave them some feedback so they’ll know what to improve next year though!

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