If You’ve got it, Haunt it

Happy Halloween B*tches!

So here we are again, next weekend is that time of year when it is totally acceptable to dress to not impress. To make yourself look as ugly, scary and horrendous as possible. The freakier the better. If you’ve got it, Haunt it!

Naturally we took to insta and pinterest for inspiration. WOW, there are some absolutely amazing makeup artists out there. We are not one of those….. but we thought we would give it a go. You’re here for the Boo’s right hahahaha, so lets get on with the show;

Anna Zombie
Anna was going for a Zombie Look

Sooooo….turns out this cheap zombie blood stains your face! Be careful for goodness sake with the products you buy. There was a warning on the back of the bottle saying ‘wash off with warm water and mild soap, may take multiple washes’. Anna didn’t read it until after it was all over her face. Doh! It took multiple washes alright! and face wipes and micellar water and face oil and a few tears….and copious swear words in Swedish of course.

Sam skeleton
Sam was going for a corpse bride look

Sam just used a white face paint as a base, so this was easy enough to get off – but it was sticky and itchy as hell! The hair from the wig would just stick to her face in all the wrong places! She used a liquid eye liner for some of the detailed lines and making her eye brows a bit bolder. There was only mild panic that the liner had stained her real brows black! LOL

We bought the wigs from Claire’s Accessories for £14. They were both itchy and horrible but they did the trick for the photos. We have no idea how people manage to wear these for a night out.

Sam b&W
Squinting is a lot harder than it looks! hahaha
Anna zombie wind
Gimme that Beyoncé wind!

Anna used some mac foundation that she got as a sample of the lightest shade they do. She then used brown and black eyeshadows for the eyes and red lipstick for the veins down the cheeks. She got the contact lenses – ‘Crazy Lens’ in the style ‘Whiteout’ from a shop in Canterbury which do lots of little cool freaky bits and bobs.

Hope you enjoyed our little halloween post. We can’t wait to see all of yours! Please do let us know what you thought. As usual we would love to hear from you!

Until our Next Adventure,

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 18.45.09

11 thoughts on “If You’ve got it, Haunt it

  1. Ive been a little out of control this weekend! I ate a donut then did one of those blue plaque things this morning and smiled at ‘im indoors! He was horrified and after the almost obligatory ‘Jesus H Christ’ he asked what the eff was wrong with me? (Like there’s a short answer lol)
    I told him I was Bluetooth!
    He wasn’t impressed

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