I’ve fallen in love – My ‘It’ bag (by Anna)

You know I love me some Make-Up and Designer Handbags. I have had my eye on this Melita Latham London backpack for like a year. You have no idea how much I’ve been drooling over this beauty! Melita Latham London is a luxury travel accessories brand and I had to save for a while to get this.

backpack full

Finally she is mine! Isn’t it gorgeous? I’ve been searching for a stylish yet feminine backpack that will fit everything I carry with me. Things like my MacBook and Olympus Pen camera and the usual daily essentials of course. I’ve used it on my recent travels to Sweden, I’ve used it on my recent travels to London and to the posh restaurant 34 in Mayfair for brunch. I’ve loved it from afar for so long I can’t believe I finally own one.

I also bought the card holder in Pink. The backpack has places for your cards on the inside of it but sometimes I need a bigger bag and for those times I use my ML card holder.

card holder

It came wrapped beautifully in tissue paper and ribbon. Freddie seemed to love the tissue paper as much as I’m loving my new bag and accessories. What is it with cats and paper??

Gretas Mel Latham London
Had some delicious avocado on toast at Gretas within Haymarket Scandic Hotel in Stockholm. My bag got its own seat hahahah Don’t judge me lol

It doesn’t stop there people, look at my luggage tag too!

Luggage Tag

Matches my carry on luggage. I’m so happy you have no idea. If you want to have a look at some of the designer pieces head to Melita Latham London by clicking here.

Melita Latham London is a brand born of passion for life, travel and a love of new experiences. Combining design craftsmanship, delivering elegance and style. Our creations will partner you on your ambitions and life journey.

Melita is a girl boss I admire with her own company. She has a blog which you can read here. She’s a wonderful writer, adventurer and down to earth and has worked so hard to get to where she is today. She had a dream and she made it come true! She inspires me and you know what, I am so extremely proud to be able to say she is my friend.

Never forget to support your friends no matter what.

Do you love my new ML London pieces as much as me? Please do leave me a comment because as usual, I would love to hear from you all!

Until Next Time,

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 18.43.40


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