Ladies Who Brunch: Kitch

Canterbury is a city full of history and full of brilliant independent pubs and restaurants. We feel it’s important to support your local independent shops and restaurants. Especially in the current financial climate where big department stores are closing down due to more and more people shopping online. If the big ones are closing down how on earth are the little ones meant to stay open. Support your locals people!

One of our favourite Brunch places in Canterbury is Kitch. Anna has been coming here for a few years now, and introduced Sam to it way back when we first started blogging, in our second ever post (catch up here)!

Well, if we have already written about Kitch before, why another post you ask? We felt the need to write about Kitch again as they have just had a refurbishment to make it even better!

Kitch Front

Canterbury is a wonderful place for ‘foodies’; full of great little independent cafes that serve real, healthy food. Kitch is the very essence of this and, for us, stands out from the crowd. They cater for everyone with vegan-, vegetarian- and dairy free options and a lot of the baked goods are gluten free. It’s healthy food served with a smile and a warm welcome. Anna and her husband go there most weekends for brunch and it is fast becoming our go to place when we need to catch up on blogging.

Kitch Downstairs

The owner of Kitch is a fantastic GirlBoss! She is so lovely (and stunning!) and chats to us whenever we are in. It really makes you feel welcome and is such a nice touch we think. She’s clearly worked very hard to get to where she is today – a true inspiration for us all. Her staff are so friendly and helpful too. Just an amazing place really.

The Owner of Kitch – The lovely Em

They have a tasty menu and Daily Specials too. Check it out on their website here for more info.

We were here early on the Saturday morning that they opened their doors to the public after the refurbishment. We sat down to have some coffee, orange juice and brunch. Actually, we were so early it was technically breakfast. Ssssshhhhh don’t tell anyone hahahah.


We must mention there are a quite a few good independent cafes and coffeeshops in Canterbury but, to Anna, there are a couple that stand out for their superb coffee (Sam doesn’t have a list as she doesn’t drink coffee *insert audible gasps here*). Kitch tops Anna’s list. Even if she hasn’t got time to sit in she will always order a takeaway coffee. Lost Sheep Coffee is the other. There will be a post about them in the future.

Our favourite places to sit in Kitch are in either of the 2 big bay windows downstairs or in the window upstairs. We love to people watch, it’s the best! What better way to do it than whilst at a great cafe? They have outside tables at the front too but these are very busy and usually taken as soon as the sun is out. Kitch is a very popular place. The avocado on toast with bacon and poached eggs is to die for! so delicious….unless of course you’re Sam who doesn’t like avocado. There are people who don’t like avocado! It’s true!

Kitch Upstairs

They have so many scrumptious items on the menu you really should visit if you ever find yourself in Canterbury. If you do and it’s the weekend one of us will probably be in there brunching, looking at you through the window hahahaha


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about one of our local independent favourite cafes.

Should you wish to follow Kitch on social media their Instagram can be found here and their twitter page here. They are super good with replying and reposting any pictures you take of their food and drink.

Anna and Sam at Kitch

Please do leave us a comment if you have any other places you think we should add to our Ladies that Brunch blog series. Doesn’t matter where, we are willing to travel for good food!

As usual, we would love to hear from you all!

Until our Next Adventure,

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18 thoughts on “Ladies Who Brunch: Kitch

      1. Yes! I went to the town around Canterbury Cathedral. I visited the cathedral, but the highlight was the bakeries and food in the area. It was March after the snow storm, so it was so cold, but the yummy food was comforting. xx 🤗

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I know I know I’m a complete weirdo 🤦🏻‍♀️ lol! But you know, when you say you can’t live without it, that’s one of the reason right there that I don’t drink it! It doesn’t help that I can’t stand the smell so can’t put it anywhere near my mouth 😂 thanks so much for the love and support, Chloe! You are amazing ❤️ xxx


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