To Anna (from Sam)

remember the day we first met, just over 2 years ago, in the same office that we still share. It wasn’t even my first official day – I was just there to drop off some documents before starting my new job. I remember being so nervous of meeting everyone that day! But the one person I remember as clear as day is you. You were so friendly and welcoming, you instantly put me at ease, and I knew right from the start that we would get on like a house of fire.

So let’s jump forward to today – your birthday!

I still can’t get over the age gap between us. I think back to that day we first met and I was adamant that you were a similar age to me! I know as you read this you will think I’m making a dig at how “old” you are (and I kind of am – what good is it being the young one if you can’t rub in just a little 😉), but the point I’m going around the houses to make is – you look damn good girl! I know you don’t see it, but believe me the rest of us do! So today I will shout it from the interweb rooftops, just to remind you!

This post has been a little while in the making, and has been something I have been working on for a little while now. It was originally supposed to be around asking you to be my maid of honour – but it didn’t make much sense as I asked you the question almost as soon as I was asked the question! I was so happy when we were planning our post schedule for the next few months and we planned my “mystery post” for today. I know that as I type this, you will be panicking that I haven’t written out my scheduled post for Sunday yet! But little do you know I have typed it up before and saved it elsewhere so you couldn’t read it our blog post drafts! Mwahahahaha! So here we are; I hope you (Anna) enjoy, my ode to you – my best friend.

We couldn’t be more different, you and I, in all the inconsequential things.

You the make up hoarder, me the hardly ever wearer.

You love all things All Saints, I myself love a Mr Ted Baker.

You can walk around in heels the size of small skyscrapers,

While I gaze up in awe from my plimsoles.

You are strong, beautiful, witty and smart.

You make me try harder to be better at, well, everything!

I love our movie sessions where you educate me on forgotten films,

Even though I have a degree in Film Studies!

Who cares about ‘Nosferatu’ and ‘Seven Samurai’

When you can watch ‘Ibiza’ on Netflix!

And yet, you are the yin to my yang.

Your white cat to my black cat.

As one ebbs, the other flows.

You are the creative problem solver to my dilemmas at work,

When my brain can’t see a path through the fog

You are there to shine a light.

When you overthink the little things,

I am your voice of reason.

The rock that anchors you

When you are stuck in what feels like an impossible current.

I made a collection of all the things that remind me of you,

And maybe a few to remind you of me too!

Your love of Twizzlers will always amuse me.

How you can like such tasteless rubber I will never know!

Cinnamon Buns for your half of the blog we share,

And Mulled wine chocies (even if you don’t like them) to remind you of home.

I have never met anyone who loves home as much as you,

But on our recent trip to Stockholm, I now know why.

I picked a couple of photos that I hope bring back good memories to you,

As they did to me as I was choosing them!

Lipstick from one of your favourite brands,

Know it’s name ‘Faux’ is no reflection on you!

The colour simply reminded me of you.

The roses (not real of course, so as not give Freddie the squitz)

For the other half of our blog!

And last but not least, good ol’ Jo Malone.

The fragrance, something new I think for you,

But as I know your favourite is the old man smell (Oud & Bergamot)

Pomegranate Noir is supposed to go perfectly with it.

The candle, to remind you of me.

English Pear & Freesia, one of my favourites!

But hopefully not too sweet for you.



So there we have it!

My gifts to you.

I can’t wait to see your face

When I show up unannounced at your door!

Box and ribbons in hand

(no balloons I’m afraid – I tried I swear!)

I wish you the best of birthdays

And hope that you enjoy your present(s)!

And know that you mean the world to me

My Best Friend.

Lot of love from,

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 18.45.01

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