Christmas Gift Guide Week: Gifts for the Blogger

We’ve decided to do a whole week of Christmas Gift Guide ideas. First up in this series are gifts for the Blogger in your life. We decided to actually go shopping without buying. You know, in those physical shops speaking to people in real life hahahahah We did the physical legwork for you guys in the name of our Blog. Hope you enjoy!

Blogging can be an expensive hobby or a lucrative business (if your lucky). Most of us do this because we think its fun and as an outlet for our creativity. We all appreciate gifts, blogger or not, and we thought it would be a great idea to show you what a blogger might like in their stocking or under the tree.


Who doesn’t love a bit of Technology. It is really handy for a blogger to have either an iPad or a laptop. It doesn’t need to be by Apple obviously. We just went to an Apple store to get some ideas. Having said that we both love our Mac products. Anna has MacBook Pro, an iMac and an iPhone XS Max and Sam has an iMac and an iPhone 6. Because all the devices ‘talk’ to each other you get such seamless integration between them. All from iMessage to FaceTime to Ical. Even just Airdropping each other some photos to quickly add to the cloud is great. So very handy.

Apple is expensive yes, but its beautiful and easy to use and should you ever be stuck, an Apple shop will always be more than happy to help. They even have classes in their stores in how to use their products with different software. How great is that!

Headphones are another great idea for a blogger. There are times we want to go to a coffee shop and write alone but still have some people around us. What better way to shut the world out than by listening to some good music. These Bose headphones are gorgeous but so very expensive. We will just look longingly at them from afar for a little bit……. ok done. Lets move on.


Come on, Who doesn’t love stationary? As much as we love tech we also love us some good old fashioned pen and paper. We think most bloggers would appreciate some kind of journal for bullet journaling or for post scheduling. We know we do!

We use Ical on our Macs as it syncs between us on a shared calendar. It works across our Macs, iPhones and iPads. We do like to print those out every so often to make physical notes about things when we are brainstorming. And let us tell you, ideas just flow out sometimes and we have so many note books full of blog scribbles for when an idea hits us for a post we want to do.

Fairy Lights are also a great gift for a blogger. We often photograph Flatlays and fairy lights can look gorgeous in those pictures. We found these avocado fairy lights in Paperchase and it made us laugh and couldn’t not share. 


Bloggers take a lot of pictures. Not only for our blogs but for social media too. On our journey we’ve learned that props are a bloggers best friend. Like we said earlier, blogging can be expensive and what many bloggers end up spending money on are props.

It can be anything from fairy lights to candles to a cushion. Anything really, only their imagination is the limit. Anna loves creating content for her personal intsagram. She uses books, little fake plants, trays, coffee cups. One of her favourite local independent shops to buy props at in Canterbury is called Queen Bee Home. They have gorgeous things and aren’t that expensive. They are on a little side street down from the Canterbury Cathedral. 

Books are really good props too. Not just for their text but sometimes for their cover if it’s really pretty. Many a blogger owns Pretty City London or any of the big Design House books like Chanel or the iconic Fashion Magazine Vogue. Why not get the blogger in your life a monthly subscription to Vogue? 

Hope you have enjoyed our first Christmas Gift Guide and don’t forget to join us tomorrow for our next instalment. ‘Christmas Gift Guide for Him’.

Should you have any other ideas what to get a blogger, please do leave a comment as we can all need some more ideas this season!

Until Tomorrow, 

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16 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Guide Week: Gifts for the Blogger

  1. Loved this post so much πŸ’• I love Apple products but they are expensive. Hopefully I will get one or buy one myself one day πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚ The stationery products are the best. I always buy notebooks to write blogging ideas in it. I also love props it’s a great way to get inspired and make beautiful pictures

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