Christmas Gift Guide Week: Gifts for Him

Next up in our Gift Guide week are pressies for the man in your life – be it Dad, other half, boyfriend, or just a boy friend! We don’t know about you, but boys can be tricky to buy for – do they not have every gadget under the sun already?! So without further ado, let’s jump straight into this guide to give you a few ideas for what to get this Christmas season.

Happy Sock Christmas tree


We know this is the most obvious gift, but these are just so perfect as little stocking filler! We fell in love with this ‘Happy Sock’ tree – you just can’t beat a good novelty sock poking out from beneath a pair of ankle swingers πŸ˜‹

In all seriousness though, socks are always a good place to start present wise. We don’t think there is a single person that can claim they do not have a holey pair of socks hidden somewhere in their drawer. Make sure those are give the old heave ho to be replaced with a nice bright pair!


We like to think that backpacks are to men like handbags are to women. If that’s not the case, then it should be! Convenient for the commute to work or days out carrying all the necessities; even holdalls for the gym, these can make a handy present that maybe they didn’t think of to ask for.

With the weather getting ever colder, it’s almost time to start busting out those forgotten about scarves from the back of the cupboard or wardrobe. If these go missing or are in need of a bit of a freshen up, why not treat him to a nice soft wooly scarf to keep him warm this winter.

Lush Yule log


Christmas used to consist of the obligatory Lynx gift set for men – but no longer! Lush has come to the rescue! Even if your other half isn’t into all of the face creams or body lotions, why not look at their bath or shower range? And should it so happen that you happen to pick your favourite scented bath bomb for him – well we can only recommend saving water and sharing πŸ˜‹

Lush doesn’t just do the bath bombs; they have an amazing range of shampoos, beard oils and moisturisers, all made from naturally sourced ingredients. What’s not to love?! It helps that all of their products smell absolutely amazing, but maybe just a reminder that his favourite scents may be different to yours so choose wisely!

Novelty phone cases


What could be worse than when you are out and about and you look at your phone in dismay. πŸ’© You forgot to charge your phone last night. How are you expected to go the day without taking a million and one photos of your food?! Well fear no longer because help is here – in the shape of Hans Solo!

Both Anna and Sam have power banks of their own (in fact, Anna has a whole arsenal of them!), but none of them quite so big as these. We suppose men have pockets the size of black holes, so maybe size doesn’t matter πŸ˜‰

If whomever you are buying for is a Marvel or Star Wars fan, you will definitely earn some brownie points for these practical power banks!

We hope you are enjoying our Christmas Gift Guide series! Don’t forget to join us tomorrow for our next instalment; β€˜Christmas Gift Guide for Home’.

Should you have any other ideas what to get “him”, please do leave a comment as we can all need some more ideas this season!

Until Tomorrow,

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15 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Guide Week: Gifts for Him

  1. Awesome post πŸ’• I really love this serie of posts because it’s so useful and fun. I always have a hard time choosing a present for my dad. Socks are a great option and I love Lush products. They smell so amazing. Thank you for this post

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We are so glad you are enjoying them! It’s lovely to hear that they are useful in some way too 😊 We had so much fun going round shops and picking gifts for our guides πŸ˜‹ the series is on for the whole of this week, so keep an eye out for tomorrow’s guide! Sam xx

      Liked by 1 person

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