Christmas Gift Guide Week: Gifts for the Home

Why hello again! yep, 3rd day running and still going strong people! Today’s Christmas Gift Guide instalment is all about Gifts for the Home.

Many people don’t actually ‘do’ Christmas presents. Many feel it’s for the children. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this – lets face it, Christmas really is for the kids. It’s lovely to see their wide smiles when Santa has been with their present. That right there is the magic of Christmas. 

For many families Christmas is the time of year filled with stress and anxiety. Not having enough money to get your loved ones what you think they ought to have and then having to settle for something a lot less and more affordable. It shouldn’t be like this. No one should have to feel like that. 

As adults with full time jobs we can often buy what we want when we want to. We don’t have to wait for our birthdays or Christmas. This might be a totally radical idea but why not say no to exchanging gifts between adults and gift your home something nice instead?


These make for wonderful gifts for the home! There is always a fond memory or a picture of a loved one we would love to frame but maybe we just haven’t got round to it? You know, like printing out those photos we have on our phones from our holiday to Greece 12 years ago… We are so Guilty of this! Literally have thousands of pictures on our phones and computers that we keep meaning to print out and get a frame for…. we just never get round to it. So why not gift your home with some lovely Frames and some actual real life photographs to put in them?

Or if you prefer online shopping there are so many websites that let you print those lovely photos you took on to a canvas. Or cushion or calendar or even onto a fridge magnet. 

A scent for your home is another wonderful idea we think. Either through some scented candles or some room diffusers. There is so much choice out there! Apparently you can even get kits online to make your own candles at home. 


These are the gifts for your home that keep on giving aren’t they? Some lovely homely (is that a word?) decorations to make your home reflect your style, your likes and your personality. Buying these for a loved ones home can be lovely too as it shows how well you really do know them. It’s a sweet touch right. 

Have a lovely night in with friends and family to enjoy those decorations with a Game Night! Get some board games to enjoy as a group. This can turn into either a really funny evening together or quite a competitive crying kind of evening if there are sore losers… I guess that depends on your family and friends hahahahaha 


Do you ever find that once you’ve got your crockery sets and dining room bits and bobs for your home that you never ever revisit that again? Why replace something that still works and isn’t broken right? Often these are items that may have been gifted as part of your engagement, wedding or moving in to your new home occasions. Which is all very kind but sometimes they don’t quite reflect us you know. So why not gift your home with some new plates, glasses or cutlery. Maybe some new centre pieces for your dining room table? 

That wraps up our Wednesdays edition of our Christmas Gift Guide Week. We hope you’ve enjoyed this and if you have anything else to add to this list please do comment. We can all use some more suggestions right? 

Until Tomorrow,

11 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Guide Week: Gifts for the Home

  1. This is perfect! I can just see myself coming home, bags a bulging, telling ‘im indoors that this is the Christmas present for the coffee table, here’s s Christmas present for the bedside lamp. I bought this adorable little gift for the second dining room chair on the left and this pressure is for the extension cord… shopaholics unite!!

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  2. Your gift guide week is SO good!!! I always get so stuck on finding the perfect christmas pressie for someone and each year I end up throwing a ridiculous amount of money on rubbish presents so thank you thank you thank you for posting this! xx

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