Christmas Gift Guide Week: Gifts for Her

So here we are on Day 4, with our gift guide for Her. We could have easily taken a mountain of photos for this post alone, but we thought we had better whittle it down to the essentials so as not to bore you all!

We don’t know about you, but we find picking presents for women probably the easiest out of the lot. Probably because we can walk round the shops thinking “oooh I like I that” and “oooh look at how pretty that is!”, and just know that the majority of women will probably think the exact same thing. Marketing departments clearly have the magpie effect down for us ladies (“oooh it’s shiny!”). Although this can sometimes feel a bit generic and maybe like it’s a not very personal gift to give – we guarantee we would be more than happy to receive any of these gifts!

So let’s get stuck in!


Every way you turn in a department store in the build up to Christmas, you  will see these types of gifts sets in abundance. They are literally everywhere! The trick to this type of gift is to do a bit of recon before you go shopping to see what brands or scents she already has sitting on the shelf at home.

We don’t know about you, but we think perfume is quite a personal preference. What you like may not be what someone else likes. So when choosing perfume, it’s important to put yourself in her shoes. If you did manage to do a bit of recon before, what types of scents/flavours does she usually go for? Maybe if she use a flowery shampoo, does that flowery smell remind you of her? To pick a new scent for someone that you love this Christmas says a lot about how well you think you know that person.

We just love the Jo Malone scents. They are designed to be layered, so not just one scent by itself. Sam recently got Anna a new Jo Malone perfume for her birthday (catch up on Anna’s presents here); Sam knew one of Anna’s favourite scents is Oud & Bergamot, so when she was wandering round Jo Malone looking at the cards in front of each bottle, she noticed that they give you suggestions of what would compliment that scent. Bonus! She didn’t have to wander round aimlessly thinking “should I just get her what she always gets?” or “is this similar enough that she will like it?” They literally did all the work for her! That’s what we call a win win.

You tend to find with any perfume set at Christmas, it also comes with some sort of body lotion. We all love a bit of self care routines, so this is a great present to let her have some indulgent time to herself and to combat the dry skin will all get from the cold weather during winter.


Ladies, is it actually possible to go wrong with this present? We don’t think so! Unless she is really particular around the brands of Make Up she uses, or should we say, WON’T use ( in which case, definitely have a look to she what brands she likes before attempting this one!), then you can pretty much just rock up to your nearest department store and walk around each make up stand for hours and hours (like we do 😋)  trying to find the right shade of lipstick that is/isn’t matte.

We love all the little mini’s you get as part of Christmas sets as well! At least if there is a colour in the set that she isn’t very keen on, it either won’t take long to use up or she won’t feel as guilty for it collecting dust at the back of a drawer if its not a full sized product! There are usually so many colours within one gift set that she is bound to get the use of out of something in there.



Now this one can be tricky. We would only recommend going it alone with this type of pressie if you are some kind of Yoda gift giving master! If not, its’ probably best to take your other half with you when buying undies as a gift.

The majority of women don’t update their underwear half as often as is recommended. For bras in particular, it’s really important to get yourself properly measured at least once a year, as your size will change and there is nothing worse than a ill-fitted bra. It’s uncomfortable, it can give you backache, or it can mark your skin if it’s too tight or too loose in all the wrong places. So even if you think you are being covert and find out what size she thinks she is – it may not be right after all. It’s always best to double check. Besides, what you think will look absolutely amazing 😉 may be the most uncomfortable contraption ever and the last thing that she wants to wear. Best to let her choose 😋

Top Shop PJs


There is nothing better come winter than a nice thick wooly pair of PJs! It is just the best feeling ever to be cozying down on the sofa or snuggling up in bed in a clean set of pyjamas. And the best thing about PJs is it doesn’t matter if they are a little on the loose side. Who in their right mind wants to feel like a stuffed turkey inside their PJs?! Loosey goosey baby! That’s what we say!


Now we have touched on Pamper Time in our men’s gift guide (catch up here), but we don’t think anyone will appreciate all the bath bombs and face masks more than the lady in your life. Lush has some truly amazing products to help relax while soaking in the tub, and one of the best things we couldn’t help but notice is, a lot of their gift sets already come wrapped! What’s that we hear you say – 😮 we don’t have to do any wrapping? Shut up and take my money!!

In every Lush shop we have ever been to, the staff have always been super friendly and helpful. So if ever you go into Lush and you feel a bit lost and don’t know where to start, trust in their help! They are always more than happy to demonstrate how their products work, what they smell and feel like and what natural ingredients were used to make it. You never know, you may end up walking away with a few gifts for yourself while you are at it!

We hope you have all been enjoying our Christmas Gift Guide series this week. Don’t forget to join us tomorrow for our last instalment; ‘Christmas Gift Guide for Everyone’.

Should you have any other ideas what to get “her”, please do leave a comment as we can all need some more ideas!

Until Tomorrow,

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13 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Guide Week: Gifts for Her

  1. Loved this post so much 💕 Lush products are the best especially the bath bombs. I really like them so much. I also love to get undies and pj’s. My mother always knows well what to buy me. Everything is a must have on this list so thank you 💕

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