How to Make your Home Smell Lovely (by Anna)

I personally find that a nice lovely smell to my house makes me happy. A lot of the time it smells of cooking but then I love to cook so what can you do. I’ll tell you what you can do, and no it’s not to stop cooking hahahah

Along with my makeup obsession I have recently become a lover of all things candles and stick diffusers. It can get expensive….

Here are some of my current favourites at the moment.

Abercrombie and Fitch candle called Thinker. It’s scent is of Lotus & Jasmine. I just can’t get enough of it. Sadly the two I have are nearing the end. I can’t find this particular scent in the shop or online anymore. They have a few other candles but I’ve not sniffed those so no idea if they are any good. Priced at £19 I think these are a bargain as the scent fills my entire house.

My other favourite candle is the Jo Malone Oud & Bergamot. I also have this as a cologne intense. I’m in love with this! You can read my post here about that one. When I saw this candle I just had to have it. My gosh was it expensive though and I will not be re-purchasing because of the price. You sitting down? it’s £56!

Last but not least of the candles, is the Mastic & Sandalwood woodwick candle by Pureté Nature.  I’d never seen a wood wick candle before and do find re-lighting it a tad difficult but this is by far my most favourite out of the ones I have. The scent lingers in the house for a long time even after blowing out the candles. I got it from a little shop in the Brick Lane area in London. The guy that has the little stall also makes them himself. He was so lovely and we chatted for a while. We bough 2 large and 2 small candles. I can’t find this scent on his website at the moment but they have many more to chose from. I will absolutely buy more!

I am also partial to Room Diffuser Sticks. The one we have at the moment is a mini, it came with 4 other scents and we have these in every room of the house. We got this from House of Fraser in Bluewater. As I no longer have the box I’m afraid I can’t tell you the brand. We keep these high up because of Freddie, our cat, because they are dangerous if animals digests them. I’m not overly keen on all 5 scents we have, the Tuberose is the best of a meh bunch hahahaha We did buy the Jo Malone Diffuser but honestly, for the price I expected a lot more smell from them if you know what I mean. We have a 3 bedroom house and we kept it in the living room. I could barely smell it in the living room let alone anywhere else… So that was a bit disappointing as I do love Jo Malone.

What to do with empty used candles? Well, we make them useful again and decorate our home!

All you need to do is wash them out with really hot water out of the tap. Then wipe wipe wipe the last of the wax out. Taaaddaaaaa, lovely looking holders of cotton buds and pads. I have one on my makeup table and a couple in the bathroom.

I’ve seen some online being used as vases. They look lovely! Alas, my cat eats all flowers….  so that’s a no go for us unfortunately.

How do you make your home smell lovely? Please do leave me a comment as I’d love to hear from you!

Until Next Time,

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 18.43.40


14 thoughts on “How to Make your Home Smell Lovely (by Anna)

  1. Awesome post! ♥️ Jo Malone, but never their candle prices 🤨 I use a Bakhoor and burn Oud chips from a mini charcoal. It makes my apartment smell divine. Middle Eastern women and men use it before they apply perfume. xx

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  2. Such a lovely idea, I’ve never thought of anything like that but I like the idea of reusing . My candles of choice are usually beeswax or natural soy wax as I’m really conscious of toxins. The beeswax candles give off negative ions which clean the air and gobble up air pollutants!

    I wouldn’t complain about food smells in the home – you should keep baking and cooking lovely! x

    Samantha |

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  3. I’ve been obsessed with candles lately! I’m hoping to get a diffuser for Christmas, and I’m hoping for a few Christmas oils!

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