Urban Decay Masterclass (by Anna)

Welcome back everyone and Happy New Year!!! We plan to post on Wednesdays and Sundays this year. We both only blog for fun and work full time at our jobs so this posting plan may be bit ambitious but lets think positive right. Apparently you can do anything as long as you put your mind to it!

As you all must know by now I do love and I mean LOVE makeup. I’m not very good at using it but am amazing at buying it. I mean I slay at the buying part! Not so much at the putting it on part…

I’ve had a 1:1 tutorial with Guy over at MAC Cosmetics which I found so super helpful. You can read about that here. I went to Urban Decay the other day to buy some setting spray and the lady on the counter told me they were having a Masterclass evening and asked me if I would I like to go. Eeeerrrmmmm YEAH! was my response. I jump at each chance to learn more. Besides, it would make for good blogging material if nothing else. I paid ยฃ5 for my ticket which I would redeem against product on the night. 

When I get there on the evening of the masterclass I’m presented with some Prosecco and nibbles. As I was driving I had to turn down the Prosecco unfortunately but I did have some nibbles. I thought that was a lovely touch to offer some drink and food!

Kiya is the lady running the masterclass. She proceeded to talk us through each step and the products she was using in this Night Out Look and how to use them. She set herself the challenge to only use 3 brushes for this eye look. She completed the challenge!

Kiya (on the right) and the model showing the Final Look. Gorgeous isn’t it!

I’ve purposefully not edited any of these photos at all. Not even the brightness. I wanted you guys to see what I was seeing, all the colours in their full glory. Un-Edited!

There was lots of contouring, highlighting, glitter and lashes which led to this look. Kiya is very talented and I really enjoyed this masterclass. She passed each product to the group so we could see exactly what she had used and try the consistency on the back of our hands. The only thing I would like to see improved for next time is that it’s a bit slower so that I have the time to take photos and write down each step hahahaha 

My Urban Decay Naked Cherry Palette

I ended up buying the Urban Decay Naked Cherry palette. I love love love the colours in it. I usually only use plain old non sparkly and muted browns so the Cherry palette is a massive change for me. Bethany who was behind the scenes and the manager of this counter said I could pop in for a How To session to learn how to use it. I booked in for that of course! I will do a post about that in the near future so do keep your eyes out for that. 

Do you have any Urban Decay products? Please do let me know in the comments because as usual I would love to hear from you!

Until Next Time,


7 thoughts on “Urban Decay Masterclass (by Anna)

  1. The makeup look is so gorgeous!! I absolutely love Urban Decay, they have been one of my fav makeup brands for so long but its safe to say by Naked palette is a little beaten up from so much use haha!xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gorgeous isnโ€™t it! I got the cherry pallet and am slowly learning how to use it. I love so many eyeshadow colours, just not necessarily on MY eyes if you know what I mean hahahah but the cherry one is a dream! ๐Ÿ˜˜ xxx


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