Payday Purchase #3 IKEA, Bobbi Brown and Mac (by Anna)

How annoying is it when you hit publish instead of schedule!!!! I did that accidentally back in December with this very post… What an idiot right! I was trying to be good and write some posts in advance like a good little blogger hahahahaha Well since then I’ve amended this post totally so don’t worry, you haven’t read this one hahahahah you might have seen the pictures though…

As the title tells you this is another instalment in my series of Payday Purchases. This one is a little different. Because…. Hello Ikea!

No they haven’t started doing makeup hahaha I’ve just decided to branch out and share my other purchases with you too.

IKEA – A Swedes home away from home

I have some non Swedish friends who actually go to Ikea for a day out with the kids. Mental! I couldn’t think of a worse place to go because it is always so extremely busy. My husband and I decide what we need online and check the stock online too then head over for as soon as they open in the morning. Like normal people!! in and out in no time hahahaha

I do always make a point of going to their supermarket to pick up some typical Swedish food that I can’t get in the supermarkets in England. Having said that, Ocado now to a great range of Scandinavian food. Minimum order is Β£40 for delivery so I don’t order very often.

If you can’t go yourself, get someone else to go for you!

Yep, that’s actually what I did. Well, kind of….Sam had some days off and told me she was in Ikea. By ‘told me’ I mean sent me a picture message of Swedish food to which I replied, IKEA! great, can you get me this please? What else are best friends for right?!

I was actually quite pleased about this because this way I wouldn’t be buying all those cheap little things you find whilst walking round the maze that is Ikea. Those cheap little things that end up costing you a freakin fortune! am I right?

I wanted a nice desk lamp. A feminine soft look. It actually proved to be a bit hard. I decided I was just going to get the same type of lamp I had in the bedroom on the nightstands and on my makeup table. What do you think? I really like it. It’s not technically a desk lamp but I don’t care, it’s so pretty!

MAC Pretty Pink Punk Collection

I have no justification for buying this other than it was pretty, just as the name. What the actual fluck was I thinking? The colours are really nice though and I might be able to wear it in spring summer time but what a waste of money in the winter hahahaha oh well never mind. Lets move swiftly on shall we…

Bobbi Brown Skin Care

I’ve written a whole post about my skin care regime here if you want to check it out. For some reason my stuff always runs out at the same time and this turned out to be a rather expensive purchase. Bobbi Brown isn’t cheap but for me it really is worth it. This stuff is so good.

I actually bought a different face cream to my usual one as my oily skin has gotten quite dry recently because the wether changed so drastically so quickly. I do like this Hydrating Face Cream but it doesn’t leave me with a lovely glow like the one I normally get from Bobbi which is called Vitamin Enriched Face Base.

The hydrating eye cream is my usual buy and this is like my 3rd repurchase. They do have an extra repair eye cream too which I’ve had a sample of. It’s much richer than this one so if your skin is really dry then you might want to look in to that one

This lip balm is the only one I’ve found so far that doesn’t seem to dry my lips even more. It’s just so darn expensive at Β£17!!! it is worth it in my opinion. But it would be lovely if it was cheaper. On the bright side it does last for a looooooong time.

Bobbi Brown has a really good online chat service were you can ask for advice and each product on the website has a little write up of what it is, how to use it and why its different. You should totally head over to their website and have a little browse. If you are completely over the whole instagram make up trend and want some skin care and makeup which just enhances the beauty you already have, then give them a try!

That’s it for now….unless I accidentally hit publish instead of schedule in the near future again on another post.

Please do hit that like button and follow button and why not leave a comment. I appreciate every single one and would love to hear from you.

Until Next Time,

10 thoughts on “Payday Purchase #3 IKEA, Bobbi Brown and Mac (by Anna)

  1. I am β™₯️ your new lamp! I too have 2 Ikea lamps in my bedroom. πŸ˜„ I like their inventory because it works well for small spaces, which is the case for me in NYC. Another amazing lip hydrating product is Aquaphor. It’s super cheap. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks gorgeous 😘 you should absolutely give their skin care a go. They are so good at giving samples to try before you buy and they have minis on the website so you don’t have to commit to the full size full price stuff xxx


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