My Travels So Far: Nerja, Spain Part 3 (By Sam)

This weekend, I am continuing on with the travel theme! It’s wet and cold, so of course I am going to daydream about warm holidays 😊

Wow ok, I wrote Part 2 of this series last June 😳 Whoops! I meant to finish this series yonks ago haha! If, like me, you need a recap on Part 1 (hiking the Rio Chillar) and/or Part 2 (a buggy tour through Frigiliana), check out these links. But for now we are going to dive straight into the next part of my adventures in Nerja, Spain!

Needless to say, our first and second day on this holiday had been action packed, so on the 3rd day we rested. The End! Haha can you imagine if that was the end of this post?! I think not. But in all honesty, on the third day we were completely lazy and spent the day round the pool at our villa. The afternoon sun was still lovely and warm that time of year – but as we were on a hillside, when it got to a certain time in the afternoon, the pool went into complete shade and was freezing! Still, we managed to entertain ourselves with some table tennis, BBQ’s and Sangria 😋


So, Day 4! We were back on the road again. And this time we planned to spend the day at Cuevas de Nerja – the Caves of Nerja. The origin of the caves date back millions of years, and the caverns stretch out over almost 5 kilometres.

Nerja Caves

I had never been to caves before. Chris had visited a few around Kent so this was right up his street. I don’t know what I was expecting before we got there, but I remember I couldn’t get over how big it was. I mean, it’s underground. I thought it would be really cramped and dingy. But there was just so much room.

Nerja caves

There were some narrow walkways to go through, so maybe not the best place to go if you are super claustrophobic. But if you can put up with the discomfort (as these really  were few are far between), it soon opens up into spacious landings and steps leading towards massive halls, one of which houses the largest stalagmite in the world.

stairway in Nerja Caves

If you can zoom in on this picture, you should be able to see the pathway of steps that lead down to the floor of the cave. Hopefully this goes some way to give you an idea as to how big this place truly is, as this isn’t even the half of it!

Walkways of Nerja Caves

As you walk round, you follow the walkways to go deeper into the cave. The further you go, the closer you get to the bottom. They have set times that you can enter the caves, so not everyone is trying to fight for space and walk round at the same time. That means that as you start your trek, you can see other groups that have gone before you walking on the path below you!


As much as I loved this place for the amazing photos that I could take, it was also really interesting to learn the history and science behind a place like this. You do get the option to have a “guided”tour, but not by a person. You get given a little tablet/phone with a headset that then gives you the freedom to walk round at your own pace and look at what you want to. It came in a range of languages as they get visitors from all over the world.

This was a brilliant day out, one that Chris and I probably wouldn’t have done without our friends Matt and Gina to show us round Nerja. We didn’t even know this place existed before going!

Usually when you think of Spain, you think of hot weather and nice beaches. I loved this holiday because we focused on none of that. It was all about going off the beaten track and seeing the town in all its glory. If ever you get a chance to visit Nerja – do it! It is beautiful and full of so many interesting places.

I will finish this series! Only 3 days left to blog about 🤦🏻‍♀️ Next up will be about Day 5; our trip to the Fuengirola Bioparc!

As always, please leave your comments below! Have you ever visited caves like this? Is this something you would be interested in doing on your next holiday? Let me know below 😊

Until Next Time,

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23 thoughts on “My Travels So Far: Nerja, Spain Part 3 (By Sam)

  1. I spent a fair bit of time in the Nerja area when I was little and I would love to return as an adult. The last time I had booked to go, my trip got cancelled and I ended up in Cyprus! Fingers crossed I can get back to Nerja, and even just general Spain soon! x

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    1. That’s a shame your trip got cancelled – but on the plus side at least you went to Cyprus instead! I’ve never been to Cyprus but it does look lovely 😊 I will keep my fingers crossed for you to get to Spain soon! Xx


  2. Wow so beautiful! 😍 I visited so many places in Spain but not this place. The caves in Nerja looks awesome. I would love to visit the caves too in Mallorca which are very famous. I visited some caves in The Netherlands one time. I don’t like that claustrophobic idea but maybe I can try it. I agree that Spain is much more than beautiful beaches. Beaches are my favourite places but there’s so much more to see in Spain. I’m glad you enjoyed your time.

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  3. Lovely post, got to read all three parts and loved the first one where you all had a lovely walk on the stream fenced by rocks….what a beautiful creation of nature. These caves look stunning…


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