Naked Cherry – 2 Looks at Urban Decay (by Anna)

I booked in for a ‘How To’ with my local Urban Decay counter. I recently bought the Naked Cherry Palette when I attended a master class, which you can read all about here. I loved the colours in this palette and just had to have it but I wasn’t sure how to use it. I never wear bold coloured eyeshadow. Lipstick yes but eyes no. 

Bethany did my full face of makeup. She is so good at what she does. She’s so kind and chatty too which is great and puts me right at ease! We did two looks on me on 2 separate occasions and I love them both. I wouldn’t wear it to work necessarily but I absolutely would wear this during the day out of work.

My Urban Decay Naked Cherry Palette

Look 1 – Subtle Cherry

This is was the first look we did a few days after I’d bought the pallet and was feeling a bit scared of the colours. The whole point of these sessions was to teach me how I could do these at home myself so we kept it simple. Simple enough for me to replicate later.

I’ve not edited any of these photos at all. Nothing has been altered, not even the lighting or contrasts. What you see is what I saw in the mirror.

Mirror Selfie is always a must! That subtle highlight is so lovely isn’t it?

Products Used


Bethany started off by prepping my skin by spritzing me with the B6 prep priming spray then used the optical illusion complexion primer.

She did the eyeshadow before the rest of the face in case there was any fallout.

She used the primer potion (original) all over the lid to prep the eyelids and prevent the shadow from creasing. This stuff is amazing you guys! I’ve used it for years and no eyeshadow creases on my oily eyelids when I use this and the shadow stays on forever, truly is an amazing product.

Using the cherry pallets she started with the colour ‘Caution’ in the crease and took that halfway up to the brow. She then used ‘Hot Spot’ on my brow bone. She used ‘Feelz’ in the crease and used a tiny bit of ‘Juicy’ in the outer corner of the crease. Then she took the colour ‘Turn On’ all over the lid. She finished off by using the colour ‘Privacy’ on my upper and lower lash line.

She used the ‘Trouble Maker’ Mascara on upper and lower lashes.


She then moved on to the foundation and she used Naked in shade 1.0 (yes I’m so pale!!) and used the Naked concealer in the shades Fair/Neutral under my eyes. She used the pallet Flushed Naked in the shade Naked for my blusher and bronzer but opted to use another highlighter called ‘Sin’ on my cheekbones.

She filled in my oh so sparse brows with the Brow Box in the shade Brunette Betty.

We set the face makeup by using the All Nighter powder and the All nighter Setting Spray.


For the lips we went with a simple lipgloss called ‘Obsessed’

There you have it folks, a simple and subtle day look using the Cherry Palette.

Look 2 – More Cherry

This look is another day look but with more colour, not so subtle. There were about 3 weeks between my visits and I’d had a little play and practice at home during that time with these eyeshadows. I felt more confident and so we opted for more cherry this time hahaahaha

Mirror selfie again!

Products Used


I’d already put on some moisturiser at home so Bethany went straight in with the Quick Fix Spray on my face. Then same as before, Primer Potion in Original all over the eyelid.

As I wanted more colour this time she went with Feelz, Bing and Devlish through my crease and blended. Remember; Blend is your Friend! She used Turn on and Young Love on the lid. This time we went with an eyeliner pen on my top and bottom waterline. She used the 24/7 eye pencil in the shade Legend. The mascara used this time is Perversion. I actually bought this one and I think it’s great! no fallout during the day and I don’t need to curl my lashes as it seems to do it for me. Bonus!


We went with a shade darker in the Naked Skin foundation this time and used shade 2.0. Same concealer as before Naked concealer in the shade Fair/Neutral under my eyes but before this Bethany used a peach corrector. I hadn’t had much sleep the night before. It showed!

For the cheeks this time she opted for the blush in the shade Score and bronzer and highlight from the contour pallet called Naked Skin Shape Shifter. That pallet has two sides, one with creams and the other with powders. We used the powder side on me.

We set the face as usual with the All Nighter Powder and Setting Spray. Can I just point out the All nighter setting powder makes your makeup waterproof!!


We chose a nude lipstick this time in the shade Naked. It is a creamy lipstick and feels like a lip balm and I thought it went really well with this look. Don’t you?

I loved this second look as I thought it really brings my blue eyes out. I had such a good time with Bethany. She is so lovely and she really knows her stuff. I wish I could take her home with me so she would always be on hand hahahahah! She made me feel really pretty but most importantly, she taught me how to do these looks myself at home. She gave me the confidence to just go for it and I am so happy I bought the cherry palette. Makes a change right from my recent dud purchases hahahah I can now use this palette on my own with confidence and I owe that to Bethany.

What do you think of the looks? Let me know in the comments as I would love to hear from you all. Any tips or tricks too, please share!

Until Next Time,


20 thoughts on “Naked Cherry – 2 Looks at Urban Decay (by Anna)

    1. Isnโ€™t it just Samantha! So happy I decided to keep it and now I have learned how to use it itโ€™s my favourite and love how it makes the eyes pop. I was scared Iโ€™d use it poorly and just look like I had an eye infection or something but lucky that didnโ€™t happen hahaha x

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  1. โ™ฅ๏ธ Gorgeous! The Cherry Palette looked amazing on you, but I agree the second one really brought out your eyes. These talented Makeup Artist are such miracle workers, but you are so pretty you made her job easier. xx


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