Payday Purchase #4 Surratt, HourGlass, Mac, a Book and a Candle (by Anna)

Another month another payday so naturally I bought a bunch of stuff. Lets dive straight in and start with my favourite this month which is a book! All my books are in my phone on Ibooks. I cleared out my book case a couple of years ago as it was getting ridiculous. I read a lot and ran out space and thought enough is enough I need to go digital! I miss the feel and smell of a real book though. Sam and I have a series on this blog called ‘London’s hidden gems’ and when I found this book at my local book shop I had to have it! It contains so many wonderful pictures of beautiful spots in London that I will absolutely drag Sam to for some exploring. Thanks to this book it will be much easier to find our personal favourites and add them to our hidden gems series 🙂 thanks Siobhan Ferguson for your gorgeous instagram and publishing this book off the back of that! I will look through this book before each trip to London!

We all know I love candles, beautiful smelling candles to be precise. Unfortunately this candle from Haymarket Hotel in Stockholm just did not live up to my expectations. I was so disappointed! It smells lovely but when lit barely smells at all. That was a wasted £30 😦 and also a waste of hand luggage space as I had to carry this back from Sweden to England. It wasn’t that heavy but still hahahaha

Surratt smokey eye baton

Watching Pixiwoo Sam and Nic on youtube they often spoke of Surratt. I decided to head to Liberty when I was in London to have a look at what they had. It’s a small counter but they have gorgeous products. I walked away with this silly impulse purchase. The guy on the counter made it look so amazing when he drew some squiggles on the back of his hand. I don’t use dark colours like this during the day and I hardly ever go out out so I’m not sure when I’m supposed to use this. It’s a smokey eye baton which I’m told is ‘super simple’ to use. One end is your eyeliner and the other end is the eyeshadow that you smudge over the eyeliner you just drew on. Smokey eye done! or so I’m told hahahahah

Whilst in Liberty I took the chance to visit the hourglass counter too. I don’t know about you but the hourglass stick foundation seems to be everywhere on youtube. Some people love it and some people hate it. I’m somewhere in-between of that at the moment. I’ve not quite made my mind up on this one yet. It’s a super creamy foundation stick (I love love love foundation sticks for their ease of use) and it’s extremely pigmented. Not even joking, a little goes a long way. It even comes with a little leaflet telling you, or should I say warning you, that you don’t need much. It’s totally full coverage. My issue with it is that it seems to highlight my pores by sinking in to them after a while of wearing it. It almost looks like I have a bunch of dots on my face where it sinks in to them if you know what I mean. No matter how much or how little I use and regardless of what primer I have underneath or if I use a beauty blender or brush…. But on some applications it doesn’t do that. As there is no consistency to how it behaves on me I just can’t figure it out. Maybe it’s because it’s so thick in consistency? I think this will most likely stay in my drawer until I have another clear out…

As I’m constantly thinking the grass is greener on the other side and wanting a lightweight liquid foundation for work I bought this ‘waterweight’ foundation from Mac. I should have gotten a sample first, stupid me!! I’m not in love with it. I get a streaky/patchy application and it’s quite sheer so with my combination skin it breaks down much quicker to other foundations I’ve tried. It’s meant to leave you with a dewy glow but it makes me look like an oily wet monster hahahahah I might gift this to a friend of mine who is of similar paleness as me. At least that will make me feel like it’s not a complete waste.

I’m not having much luck lately am I… oh well, can’t always have great perfect sensible purchases can we. Can we?

On a happier note though I did have a little win this month with this Mac 170 brush. I really like it as a buffing foundation brush as it works great with my Bobbi Brown foundation stick. It’s a synthetic rounded slanted brush.

So basically, out of 6 buys I had 2 hits and 4 duds. I will start thinking more about what I buy and I will try to not be so impulsive. I mean trying isn’t the same as succeeding but it’s the trying that counts right?

Maybe I should rename these post from payday purchases to my monthly mistakes hahahaha

Until Next Time,

9 thoughts on “Payday Purchase #4 Surratt, HourGlass, Mac, a Book and a Candle (by Anna)

  1. They look like great purchases! I always love buying candles. Such a shame that it wasn’t what you expected. I hate it when that happens. I recently brought a new book which I have been loving! Love new purchases! Thank you for sharing xx

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