Crime Scene Live at the Natural History Museum in London – after hours! (By Anna)

If you love crime solving puzzles, escape rooms, crime tv shows and the amazing world of forensics then this is absolutely something you should look in to booking up. I felt like Dr. Temperence ‘Bones’ Brennan from the TV Show Bones with Emily Deschanel and David Boreanez. I couldn’t have imagined how amazing it was going to be. This will be my spoiler free review and run through of what we got up to. Don’t worry, I’m not giving anything away that you can’t find with some internet sleuthing of your own on the website of the NHM.

A priceless stone has been stolen from the Natural History Museum and a killer is on the loose. It’s up to you to gather the evidence, analyse the facts and carry out experiments to bring the criminal to justice

Quote: Natural History Museum

It was my husbands birthday gift to me back in November last year but it was booked for this year. I’ve had a few months to look forward to this and potentially ruin by being so super excited about it and thereby risk being disappointed. You know how it can be when you big something up in your mind…but I LOVED IT!

My husband and I had met up with his daughter, my bonus daughter, earlier in the day. I don’t like to say step daughter as that sounds so negative because she’s a bonus to my life! We had lunch in Covent Garden and a good catch up as we hadn’t seen her in a few weeks. I miss her so so so much! She’s at university in London you see so I don’t get to see her as often as I’d like anymore. I just had to share her picture, Isn’t she just the prettiest you’ve seen! So this day was already off to great start!

Once we’d said our goodbyes to Chloe my husband and I headed to a cafe for a little while to kill some time as we were a bit early. When we got to the Natural History Museum at 18.30 it was such an impressive sight. Also a bit spooky looking hahahaha. Luckily we made it not long after the doors opened and let me tell you, the queue for the cloakroom was very long.

We chose to be part of the team who would investigate the Blood Splatter and Stomach Content

Up next we were asked which group we would like to be part of and I picked Blood and Stomach Content. I didn’t even hear the 3rd option and the first option I think had something to do with maggots.

We were given our welcome packs which had a pencil, a map specific to our team (Bravo Team) and our badges in them. I thought this was such a cool amazing touch!

We all had to gather in the main hall at 19.20 for the briefing. There were probably around 150-200 people there. We were divided into 3 groups depending on what we had chosen earlier. We were briefed on the case; Jane Snow has been murdered and found in the museum, 2 others are missing and a rare stone has been stolen. We were told each team would have different objectives and Bravo Team had to solve the murder of Jane Snow. We were also told that we had to speak to people in the other teams and share our findings with each other as they would have come across clues and evidence and therefore have information that we didn’t. When I say we were in teams, I should clarify – 3 investigate avenues. Not actual teams you had to stick with, people had their groups already which is who they attended the evening with. Go go go!

Wondering around a closed museum after hours must be the coolest thing I’ve ever done!

We had an hour to do some investigations before our first lecture on Blood Splatter Analysis. The map tells you were everything is and so we headed to a couple of ‘data points’ that contained mountains of evidence that needed sifting through and we listened to interview tapes. The strange thing was, we knew there were lots of other people doing exactly what we were doing but we barely saw a soul around! Wondering around a closed, seemingly empty, museum after hours must be one of the coolest thing I’ve ever done!

During our lecture on blood splatter analysis we learned what different patterns mean, where it comes from in the body and how they are created. We even got to try it ourselves but had to first put our white suits and blue shoe covers on. Attractive hahahahah I wasn’t quite sure where to put all my hair at first lol

After this step we got to visit the crime scene. Here we were handed over to two people from the Metropolitan Police Forensics Team. They were amazing and I was in total awe of their knowledge and wished so hard I had chosen this as a career path. I would then have been able to pursue my love of photography and of solving crime at the same time! Oh well, maybe in my next life πŸ™‚

I can honestly say at this point I was at a complete loss and had no idea who killed her. So was my husband. We had some more areas of investigation we wanted to cover and so went to get our free drink from the bar and sat down and went through the evidence we’d gathered so far. All of a sudden it was time to get to Botany class which turned out to be kind of hard and I really had to concentrate and so I forgot to take pictures for the blog. I loved sciences at school and this was like a flashback….minus the murder of course hahahah

We reviewed the evidence we had gathered along with the DNA results we got back from the crime scene and we felt we thought we knew ‘whodunnit’

We spoke to a few people out of the other teams, looked through all the evidence folders and reviewed the evidence we had gathered. This included the ‘DNA results’ we got back from the crime scene. At this point we felt we thought we knew ‘whodunnit’ it wasn’t easy though and we felt we hadn’t had enough time. It wasn’t a slow paced evening that’s for sure, it was all so quick and stressful but in a good way. My husband and I make a good team!

CSO Wrap up in the main hall

It was time for everyone to meet in the main hall and we shared our findings and the CSO went through it all. I’m happy to report my husband and I got it right! We weren’t sure on a few things because we hadn’t mixed enough with the other teams so it was an eyeopener in the end.

This is by far my most enjoyable experience I’ve had and also the most weird hahhahha Check out the natural history museum website here. They do dino snores sleepovers for kids and for adults, movie nights and silent discos and loads more. The crime Scene Live event costs Β£63 and I think they hold them once a month.

After this event I have done some research and found a couple more crime related things to do in London such as the Sherlock Holmes Museum and the Jack the Ripper walking tour. These could be quite interesting too and might be something I’d consider doing in the future.

Hope you enjoyed this unconventional blog post. Please do leave me a comment as I’d love to hear from you all.

Until Next Time,


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      1. There are also some really good ghost walks too if they are your sort of thing! I went on one and it took us around some of the church yards and other historical places, it was really interesting! xx

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