Payday Purchase #5 Real Techniques, Too Faced and & Other Stories (by Anna)

Another month has already flown by. January seemed to go on forever and ever and ever but February – sneeze and you missed it!

This weekend has been a lovely one as far as the weather is concerned. Feels like spring is in the air already but the forecast is predicting we will get more snow at some point before actual spring starts. Noooooooo, please give us more lovely sunny mild days like we’ve had recently. It puts everyone in such a good and happy mood it’s so nice!

I’ve picked up a few things this month so am doing an early Payday Purchase post. There will be another one in a few weeks πŸ™‚ I think we all know I’ve got spending issues hahahah

I don’t know about you but I have heard so much over the years about this mascara. It’s actually freakin expensive at Β£19 so I decided to just buy a small sized one to give it a try from ASOS. I call bullpoop on this one. I do not get lashes like in the picture when I’ve used this. It flakes on my cheeks through the day too. Nope, not for me. It’s disappointing as I’ve heard so many good things about it but I’m happy I just bought the mini that’s for sure. This is not a win for me. Have you tried it? Did you love it? Did you find it better than sex? hahahahahaha

Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara

Another purchase is this brush set from Real Techniques. I love it! I bought these in Boots and it’s the best buy I’ve done in a while. I bought this set after Christmas when it was part of the Boots 3 for 2 Christmas gift sets. So as it was after Christmas it was discounted again! Yay for me and my bank account πŸ™‚ The brush set are the 4 eye brushes in the middle and then I got the mini buffing brush in a little cute box you could hang in the tree. of course I didn’t as it was after Christmas and no longer have a tree up lol. I also got the big massive soft blusher brush. As you can tell I’ve been using that one everyday. These are so lovely and I’m super happy with this buy. I’ve started using eyeshadow more and more recently so I needed to invest in some good brushes. I’m happy with these as they are very good and also didn’t break the bank which in my book is pretty amazing these days.

From Left to right: mini buffing brush, large smudge brush, crease prep brush, shading brush, defining crease brush and blush brush

On one of my many frequent trips to London I decided to pop in to & other stories. I’d not been in before but from the few items of clothing I’ve seen on Sam from Pixiwoos on here insta I thought I might like this shop. & like it I did! See what I did there hahahah well I didn’t come out with clothes but some jewellery. These earrings are lovely aren’t they and only Β£11! They had so many to choose from. So much jewellery and all of it so pretty.

& Other Stories earrings

The whole shop was wonderful in fact. They had so many beauty products and some stationary and candles too in there and clothes of course. Since my visit I’ve learned they are part of H&M. Who knew!? so are COS, Cheap Monday and Arket to name a few. You learn something new every day right? Us Swedes we do get around don’t we lol You can check & Other Stories out here

& Other Stories designs collections built around inspiring fashion stories, created from ateliers in Paris, Stockholm and Los Angeles. The & Other Stories brand has great attention to detail and quality and offers everything a woman can wear – such as shoes, bags, accessories, beauty, stationery and ready-to-wear – enabling them to create their personal style, or story.

Quoted from the about section on the H&M group website here

I will absolutely go back to this shop and get some spring clothes I think as they look lovely on the website. I’m really liking the look of their blazers. I’m a sucker for a good blazer. I wear them to work and out of work. Blazers are so versatile I think. Add a white t-shirt and some trainers or heels and you’re done. Easy, classic timeless fashion. Never out of style! it’s all about the accessories like the bags and shoes and jewellery isn’t it which either makes it for the office or for fun.

A short and sweet post today my lovelies as it’s been too nice outside to do much heavy blog writing these past few days. I’ve also been quite busy work wise. I went to Budapest on Monday for a couple of meetings. Didn’t get to explore Budapest as I had to fly back to the UK on Tuesday afternoon. I mainly saw the airport and the office and the hotel hahahah But the little bits I did see travelling between those has made be want to go back on a city break holiday with my husband at some point, maybe even this summer.

Until Next Time,

11 thoughts on “Payday Purchase #5 Real Techniques, Too Faced and & Other Stories (by Anna)

  1. Thats such a shame you didn’t get on well with the mascara, I am obsessed with it!! I actually heard Urban Decay done a mascara thats sex-proof haha?! Loved this post and that blush brush is to die for!! xx


  2. Great post! πŸ˜„ I’ve always wanted to try the Better than Sex mascara too hahaha πŸ˜‚ Let us know how good it actually is! Also I heard very recently about & Other Stories and the shop looks amazing!!


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