Hello again! (by Anna)

Long time no see/hear/write/read…? you know what I mean hahahha

Hope you’ve all been well. I’ve been busy with work and enjoying a relaxed life. Oh and I am hooked on Loveisland, anyone else??

I still buy things I don’t need because they are pretty and of course I brunch my way through life still.

So much so that I’ve decided to start my one blog! yep, I’ve taken the plunge and am going at it myself without Sam. Don’t worry, I’ll still be dragging her with me to places as she’s still my bestie but I seem to be bursting with things to write and so we talked about it and she gave me her blessing to branch out on my own. She’s simply the best you guys!

I hope you join me over on my new blog. I’ll be writing about pretty much the same stuff I did on here; beauty, food, makeup and odd bits here and there about life in general so if you want, head on over to www.confessionsofabruncher.com and say hi so I can follow you guys back as I miss reading your posts and I’ve missed blogging so much! Let me know what you’ve been up to recently.

I’ve only got 2 posts up so far and will be nabbing some of mine from here too, the ones I really like because why not right?

So happy to be back even if it’s on another WordPress blog and not this one.

This will be my last post here on Cinnamon Buns and Roses as I’ll be continuing my journey over on www.confessionsofabruncher.com and I want to say a huge thank you for all your support and comments and likes over the past year and a half and I’ve loved interacting with you all in this lovely community.

Lots of Luv, Anna

2 thoughts on “Hello again! (by Anna)

  1. HONEY! I so didn’t know that confessions of a blogger was you!! I literally just commented back to you saying youre one of my favs and I remember a while ago saying cinnamon buns and roses was one of my favs too!! I am so so pleased that you are blogging again! xxxx


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